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#2 Base

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A resin-based dip liquid formulated to provide maximum adhesion of dip powder to nails.

Individual Size: 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz)

Notice: We've switched the material of Dip Liquid #2 Base, #3 Activator, and #4 Top to a safer PVC with improved leak protection. The new PVC bottle is lighter, but all bottles still contain the same 15mL/0.50fl.oz of product as before. The new PVC bottle can now hold up to 30mL, explaining the spatial difference.

  • Exceptional Durability: Enjoy chip-free color and superior strength for over 2 weeks.

  • Versatile 2-in-1 Formula: Use as a traditional Dip Powder or as an acrylic with your preferred monomer.

  • Effortless Application: Air-dries without the need for LED/UV lamps, ensuring a quick and convenient process.

  • Adaptable Usage: Apply directly onto natural nails or over artificial extensions for a seamless finish.

  • Cost-Effective: Get 30+ applications per jar, maximizing the value of your purchase.

  • Odor-Free Experience: Experience a pleasant application without the typical chemical odors associated with nail products.

  • Easy Removal: Enjoy a hassle-free soak-off removal process, preserving the health of your natural nails.


Indulge in the allure of Dip Powder—a soak-off system that provides over 2 weeks of resilient strength and flawless color. Experience the effortlessness of air-drying, freeing you from the need for LED/UV lamps. Dip into a world where beauty meets simplicity.

1. Prep your nails: Lightly buff nails and cleanse with 70%+ alcohol to remove oils and dust.

2. Apply one coat of Dip Liquid #1 Prep to all fingernails and allow 60 seconds air-dry time.

3. Apply a thin coat of Dip Liquid #2 Base on 75% of the nail, leaving space at the cuticle, then dip into Dip Powder #0 Natural at a 45° angle, tapping off excess powder. Repeat for all nails and allow 60 seconds for air-drying.

4. Apply a thin coat of Dip Liquid #2 Base to the entire nail, immediately dip into the desired Dip Powder Color at a 45° angle, tap off excess powder, repeat for all nails, and allow 60 seconds for air-drying. Note: shake jar well before use.

5. Repeat steps 4 until coverage and desired opacity is reached.

6.  Apply a final thin coat of Dip Liquid #2 Base to the entire nail, immediately dip into Dip Powder #00 Clear at a 45° angle, tap off excess powder, repeat for all nails, and allow 60 seconds for air-drying. Note: shake jar well before use.

7. Apply Dip Liquid #3 Activator to all nails and allow 60 seconds for air-drying. 

8. File, buff, and shape nails as desired, then reapply a second layer of Dip Liquid #3 Activator to all nails and allow 60 seconds for air-drying.

9. Apply two consecutive coats of Dip Liquid #4 Top, ensuring the second coat is applied immediately after the first. After applying the two coats, allow 5 minutes for air-drying. 

Click here for full Dip Powder manicure instructions


Preserving Dip Liquids: Keep your bottles of Dip Liquids in optimal condition by cleansing the bottle neck and brush with Dip Liquid #5 Brush Cleaner (or 70%+ Alcohol) after each use, and ensure a tight seal to prevent the Dip Liquid inside from drying and solidifying. 

Do Not Force Stuck Bottles To Open: Avoid forcing stuck bottles to open, as it may lead to glass breakage. To open, soak the bottle in warm water for 2-3 minutes, then swipe #5 Brush Saver or 70%+ Alcohol around the rim, on any solidified Dip Liquid and open slowly. If the bottle remains stuck, repeat the process with warmer water.

Cleaning Hardened Brushes: Clean hardened brushes by inserting them into a bottle of #5 Brush Saver or soaking in 70%+ Alcohol and allowing a few minutes to dissolve.

All Dip Powder System is final sale.
BSG Dip Powder System is being discontinued. 
Any out-of-stock Dip Powder Colours will not be restocked. 
We will only be restocking on Dip Powder Essentials: 
#00 Clear, #0 Natural and #1-5 Dip Liquids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Great base

I have purchased this item 2x. I don't go through it a lot as I only do my nails. I highly recommend. The fact that I repurchased says a lot.

Linda Neufeld
#2 Base for powder dip system

Check all product upon arrival. Ensure all bottles open and read proper storage method. I didn’t and it was quite a while before I had time to check and my #2 dried solid. Thankfully it was on sale when I placed my replacement order.

Melissa Jean
Vraiment bien ! J'adore

Bon produit je recommande !

Base coat

I recently went to do my nails, only to find that while opening the Step 2 bottle, the application brush and stem broke off and remained in the bottle. I contacted customer service and I was extremely happy with how well they handled my claim. The emails came prompt and with lots of explanation about product care and it's longevity once opened. They were willing to replace 1 of my 2 bottles, as one hadn't been opened yet.
I have enjoyed the dip powders, but I truly think that behind every good product, there needs to be great customer service. This company has done that. Well done!
All the application products have worked really well, despite this one occasion, and they are very easy to apply.
I will be purchasing again!

Hi Erin,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on #2 Base.

We are so excited to hear you truly think that we have a very good product and grateful for your support for our company!

Anna Bruno
Superior Product

Best product on the market and excellent customer service

Hi Anna,

Thank you for leaving us a review for #2 Base.

We are so glad to hear you think it is the best product on the market and we are grateful for your support in our company.

Did you know all Dip Powder System products are on clearance sale now. Please check it out here:


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