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BeBio Dual Pack

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Experience the joy of effortless beauty at home with BeBio Nail Lacquer. Prolong and protect your nail polish manicure and pedicure with our stain-free base coat and luminous shine top coat.

  • Clear nail lacquer formula
  • Provides a high-shine finish
  • Prolongs your BeBio Nail Lacquer manicure and pedicure
  • Easy wipe-off removal with acetone or nail polish remover
  • Size: 15mL (0.50 fl.oz) per bottle

  • Extended Wear: Enjoy up to 7 or more days of enduring color.
  • Long-Lasting & Highly Pigmented: Revel in a formula that's both long-lasting and highly pigmented.
  • Natural Nail Protection: Experience no discolouration of your natural nails.
  • Air-Dry Convenience: No need for LED/UV lamps; it's an easy air-dry product.
  • Hassle-free Removal: Easily wipe off with acetone or nail polish remover for effortless removal.
  • Colours Available in Gel Formula: All BeBio Nail Lacquers come available in a gel polish formula; see Matching Sets

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tina R

I bought this combo (base and top coat). I can't speak in regards to how this product works long term. I only used once, and since I returned the polish I sent this back too.

Works Well

I went all out and used the little sandpaper block they sent, the base coat, polish and the top coat, and I've had no problems with wear or chipping. In fact, it seems to keep the polish looking fresh much longer than other products I've tried. I would highly recommend, but apply it the way they suggest.

Must have!

It's so important to apply a base and topcoat for longer lasting and shiny nails. This is a great set!

Love, Love, Love!!!!

I absolutely love Bio Seaweed's base and topcoat!! My clients manicures are super shiny and long lasting. Very satisfied with the results!! My go to from now on!!

Durable base and top!

These two are a powerful duo together. Polish stays shiny and lasts longer than other base/tops. Very happy with this purchase.

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