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Gel nails without the use a LED or UV lamp? Only unheard of if you don’t know about SolarCure, and we are here to spill! SolarCure is a unique feature found only in our UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish. This feature allows UNITY to cure (or dry in layman’s term) using light from the sun! (Note: UNITY will also cure in a LED/UV lamp for the seasoned gel polish wearers) The results? Same as if you were to cure in a LED or UV lamp- a shiny and long-lasting gel manicure.

Is SolareCure Right For You?

SolarCure is most ideal for home-users and for those that are starting out with gel polish, as it allows first timers to not commit to having to purchase a lamp but still get a gel manicure. SolarCure also comes in handy for moments when you want to do your nails but you are on the go. It is the unexpected feature that you didn’t know you needed until the right moment comes (which when that moment does come. you’ll be glad SolarCure is there!)

How exactly does SolarCure work?

SolarCure works in a similar fashion as how gel polish cures in a LED/UV lamp, but instead of the light from an LED or UV bulb, the UV light from the sun will also be able to cure and harden the UNITY Gel Polish. Below are some tips and guidelines when you use SolarCure:

  • SolarCure requires the use of the sun, so make sure that the sun is out and visible. We recommend a sunny day, from 12pm-3pm.
  • Keep the UNITY Gel Polish bottle away from visible sun when you are doing your gel manicure- we want dry nails in the end, not a dried-up bottle! This means, you should always paint indoors, and go outside only when you are ready to cure.
  • When using UNITY Gel Polish, you do not need to apply a base and top gel polish as it is already in the formula. This makes it most ideal for first time gel users as you don’t need a lamp, base or top! (Note: If you do choose to use a BSG base and top gel polish for added protection or strengthening, the base will require the use of a lamp, however the No-Wipe Top can also cure in the sun)

Click here to see all the UNITY All-In-One Shades we currently have available.


Comment below your favourite UNITY shade and let us know if you have tried SolarCure before! Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish so you can try SolarCure out! One winner will be contacted by email on August 18th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada.

For all USA residents, to leave a comment on our USA blog click here.

Giveaway Closed: Winner is Canvi.


Fav shade is definitely ‘Mermaid’ and I haven’t tried SolarCure before but I would totally try when/if I’m able to purchase a polish.

Julie August 17, 2021

I love Passion fruit is my new summer go to shade. Every client I can I add it to there set!! Love it. I tried it outside once but I prefer the controlled environment of my studio:)

Treasure August 17, 2021

I recently just tried a gradient look with Lemon Drop and Candy Paint! It was sooo cool seeing it cure in the sun and I loved how bright both colours turned out ☀️❤️

Canvi August 11, 2021

I haven’t tried SolarCure! Definitely will try in the future though. One of my favourite Unity shades is 275 Bon Bon!

Gladys August 09, 2021

I have not tried to use the sun. I do know that you have advertised you could use the sun to cure in the past. I believe I have seen some YouTube videos of people trying this! I like Wicked, Bordeaux Nights, Clownin’ Around there are just to many to choose from!

Crystal Lamont August 08, 2021

My favorite color is flamingo! Nice and bright for the summer! I haven’t tried the solar cure yet. Do you know if the manicure will still last two full weeks?

Kaitlyn Rupp August 08, 2021

I don’t have a favourite yet, but I’m excited to try it!

Kat August 08, 2021

220 ivy is currently my favorite unity shade. I haven’t tried the solarcure yet but that’s good to know incase I ever have an issue with my lamp. I haven’t tried unity without a base or top coat yet either haha I have some experimenting to do still

Danielle August 07, 2021

So many of my favorites are Unity colours but for today I’ll go with Poppy! I have not tried SolarCure yet but funny intend to one day… When I can find a time on a day with sun and not tons of wind lol.

Mel August 07, 2021

Sounds very cool!! Excited to try it out!

Tara August 07, 2021

I have used Unity all in one polishes for years! Sugar berry is a lovely colour for summer!

Gale August 07, 2021

I’ve never tried anything like this before and I would loooove to!! Shade Tropical sun is just gorgeous 👍👍👍❤️

Karina Vasylenko August 07, 2021

Have not tried the SolarCure product but would love to soon

Jessie August 06, 2021

Toffee has got to be my fav Unity colour! It’s the perfect neutral pink. I haven’t tried SolarCure yet, but will have to try it out before the end of summer!

Jen August 05, 2021

I haven’t tried them yet but the shades are so pretty

Amanda August 05, 2021

It’s hard to single out one colour. But starstruck has got to be one of my tops for sure

Lynn Tiboni August 05, 2021

DIVA will always be my Favorite! I have not tried solar curing but I definitely think it’s super cool!! I LOVE BSG❤️

Diana Vasquez August 05, 2021

I have not tried the SolarCure as yet. I have a few colours that I really like, Pinky Swear is my favourite.

Karen August 04, 2021

My faves are Victoria and Better in a Bikini! I’m changing up my nail colour tomorrow and I can’t decide between those two which to go with :) I haven’t tried solarcure yet, but if it’s sunny tomorrow I’ll give it a go! I wonder if it would work just as well in the winter? (If the temperature is tolerable).

Mary August 04, 2021

I have not tried the SolarCure yet. Seems a lot healthier than using the machine. My favourite colour is peach tea.

Karen August 04, 2021

I have so many colours on my wish list but one of my favourites is Pearl and many of the Rhinestone colours. I can’t wait to try SolarCure.

Maureen August 04, 2021

I have not tried Solar Cure before, but my favourite UNITY Colour is 271 TeaCup. Maybe I’ll try it the next time I do my nails! ☀️

Sunaina August 04, 2021

I agree it’s tough to pick a favourite colour. I enjoy Charlottetown as a cute pink and second would be Edmonton as a super-flattering peach, in my mind. There are many of these colours on my wishlist. I’ll share a secret – I have never ever tried SolarCure..

Monika August 04, 2021

It’s hard to pick a fav, I love Catching Flights for neutrals and Victoria for brights. I always cure with my lamp- but once I did accidentally cure a bottle by doing nails outdoors 😅 never again!

Margaret Walker August 04, 2021

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