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Dip Powder Starter Kit

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Limited Time! Free Dip Powder Colours with Kit:

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Our Dip Powder Starter Kit offers superior nail strength and is ideal for personal and professional use.

With this kit, you will receive all the Dip Powder Essentials and for a limited time during the Dip Clearance Sale, get a bonus of 4 free Dip Powder Colours!

  • For a limited time during the Dip Clearance Sale, get a bonus of 4 free Dip Powder Colours with your Dip Starter Kit.

  • 1 x Dip Liquid #1 Prep (15 mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Cleans and removes oils off natural nails for a clean foundation.

  • 1 x Dip Liquid #2 Base (15 mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Resin-based formula to provide maximum adhesion of dip powder to nails.

  • 1 x Dip Liquid #3 Activator (15 mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Activates and hardens dip powder.

  • 1 x Dip Liquid #4 Top (15 mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Seals in dip powder and provide brilliant-shine.

  • 1 x Dip Liquid #5 Brush Saver (15 mL/0.50 fl.oz)
    Effectively cleans, softesn and dissolve dip powder residue left over on bristles of nail brush or dried up dip liquid on neck of bottles.

  • 1 x Dip Powder #0 Natural (2 oz/56 g) 
    Sheer baby pink colour, sheer finish.
    Use prior to colour application to help strengthen and smooth out natural nail.

  • 1 x Dip Powder #00 Clear (2 oz/56 g) 
    Clear powder, no colour.
    Use after colour application to help protect and seal in Dip Powder Colour.


  • Provides 2+ weeks of superior strength and chip-free colour when used with Dip Liquids
  • Promotes natural nail growth
  • Applies onto natural nail or over artificial extensions
  • 2-in-1 formula can create traditional acrylic with choice of monomer  


  • Speedy application
  • Air-dry with no LED/UV lamps needed
  • 30+ applications per jar
  • Odour-free 
  • Soak-off removal
  • Available in inspired shades of 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and BeBio Nail Lacquer 
  • 114 colour choices
Notice: As of October 2020, BSG Dip Powder Colours are being discontinued. Any out of stock colours will not be restocked.

$3 Dip Powder Colours
Get Dip Powder Colours  for $3 each (Regular $22) with code 3DIP. Excludes Dip Powder 0 Natural and 00 Clear. 

50% Off Dip Powder Essentials
Get Dip Liquids for $6 each (Regular $12) and Dip Powder 0 Natural and 00 Clear for $11 each (Regular $22). Prices as marked.

50% Off + 4 Free Colours Dip Powder Starter Kit
Save 50% off the Dip Powder Starter Kit and get 4 free Dip Powder Colours for $52 (Value $192). Prices as marked.

All Dip Powder System is final sale.
BSG Dip Powder System is being discontinued. 
Any out-of-stock Dip Powder Colours will not be restocked. 
We will only be restocking on Dip Powder Essentials: 
#00 Clear, #0 Natural and #1-5 Dip Liquids.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Bio Seaweed has really great products! I love the gel polish system but the dip system is not good at all!!! I thought i was getting a good deal when i caught the products on sale but it looks like they are getting rid of it because it is not good. The top on the base bottle is stuck and so hard to get off after use. it came apart on both the original bottle and the brush saver bottle. I have used the dip system 3 times and the base product is nearly gone! Was expecting to be able to use it more seeing as tho the manicure doesn’t last more than a week. Overall i am very disappointed with the product and feel like i have wasted my money.

Hi Jay,

Thank you for taking the time to review our Dip Powder Starter Kit.

We apologize for any inconveniences you have experienced with the dip liquids mentioned.

Rest assured that our Dip Powder System is high performing quality. The reason we are discontinuing Dip Powder is because we are focusing on our core products.

For application tips, please see here:

As dip liquids are an air dry product, it is important to remove any product build up and to close bottles tightly after use, to ensure the bottle is not exposed to more air causing the product inside to harden.

Your success with our products is our priority.
We would like to offer assistance and any further troubleshoot tips needed.

Please contact our customer service team at for further assistance.


a lot of lifting

since it’s harder to “cap” the nails with dip powder, I have a ton of lifting on the free edge compared to using UV/LED.
Easy to apply but not as strong as gel.

Hi Krystyna,

Thank you for taking the time to review our Dip Powder Starter Kit.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused.

With the proper prep, application and air-dry times, BSG Dip Powder should be lasting 2+ weeks for high shine and chip/lift-free nails.

When you mention that the dip is chipping, it sounds like you may be applying the #2 Base Liquid too thick and not allowing enough time between each layer for air drying.
In addition, when you apply and allow the correct air dry times you should find the Dip is just as strong, if not stronger than using Builder Gel!

For a deeper look and troubleshoot assistance, please email our team at

We are confident that you will be successful with BSG Dip.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Can't believe I can do gel nails without using UV!

This is one of the fastest and easiest way of doing a beautiful manicure without going to the salon and using UV lights! This was my first time trying this type of dip powder system and I am so amazed by the results! :D

Natalie Castro
Getting pampered at home!

Love this dip powder kit, and with more practice my nails will get better and better. It's easy to use, I followed along with the bio seaweed gels tutorial vid on the youtube channel and everything worked out great. Highly recommend this kit and there are also so many pretty dip colours to choose from. Totally worth it!

Donatella Hachem
First time user

Great kit ! It is easy to use ! I am very glad very good result.

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