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UNPOLISHED Removal Kit is a game-changer for both personal and professional use! This carefully curated kit is your answer for easy and effective removal of gel polish, nail lacquer, dip powder, and sculpting gel. Featuring our special UNPOLISHED Gel Mask Nail Remover, this non-drip formula ensures a gentle yet powerful removal experience without the need for additional acetone or nail foils. Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a convenient, mess-free removal process. 

The UNPOLISHED Removal Kit includes the following full-sized products (Up to $99.50 value): 
  • 1 x Choice of UNPOLISHED Gel Mask Nail Remover 
    Gentle non-drip gel mask that effectively removes nail lacquer, gel product and dip powder. 

  • 1 x Professional Gel Buffer (240/280 grit)
    Ultra-soft grit buffer for gentle prep and removal.

  • 1 x Printed Nail File (100/180 grit)
    Reversible and ultra-slim nail file.

  • 1 x Nail & Cuticle Oil (27 mL/0.90 fl.oz)
    Light magnolia scented, enriched with jojoba oil, vitamin E and vitamin B.

  • 1 x Lint-Free Wipes (100pc/pack)
     Soft, absorbent and sanitary for prep and removall

  • Pleasant Experience: Experience a refreshing and comfortable nail care routine with UNPOLISHED – less odor and no need for extra tools like acetone or foils.
  • Mess-Free Magic: Enjoy a non-drip gel mask that effectively removes nail lacquer, gel, and dip powder.
  • Layer-by-Layer Care: Unlike burst removers, UNPOLISHED works gently, removing nail products layer by layer for a safer removal process.
  • Gentle Softening: Reapply in multiple applications to gently soften nail products for easy removal.
  • Nourishing Formula: UNPOLISHED does not dry nails and cuticles 

Customer Reviews

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Amber Knierim

Wonderful product! Highly recommend. Easy to use. I did not have any nail damage.

Don’t waste your money

Worst product ever! It took me hours to start seeing some gel polish off my nails. After 3 hours, I gave up and soaked my nails in acetone. Don’t waste your time and money! As others said, it just creates a kind of glue mask that actually doesn’t work. So disappointed!

Hi Micheli,

Thank you for taking the time to review UNPOLISHED.

We apologize that your experience was anything less than perfect.

With the proper application and removal times, we are confident that your removal can be more time efficient!

The UNPOLISHED estimated removal time should not take longer than a full 6-12 minutes to remove gel polish.

The issue experienced indicates the mask has been applied too thin (we do recommend a quarter coin thickness) or left too long and thus the acetone in the UNPOLISHED is dried up and not able to remove as it should.

If you click this link here, you can follow our exact instructions for best results:

Your satisfaction with our products and service is our top priority.

Please email us at with your current steps of application and we love to get back to you with further assistance to ensure a successful removal!


Jilliane Miranda
This works!!

A new gel DIY’er and have been having a hard time removing my gel mani. This made it a breeze and no damage to my nails!

I also love the smell!

Good day Jilliane,

Thank you for your feedback on UNPOLISHED Removal Kit.

We are thrilled to see no damage on your nails and you love the smell!

I was really looking forward to my package

I was really looking forward to my package ...but once received there was missing items and it seemed to have been open and tampered with.
I'm quite upset.

Hello Samara, we are sorry to hear that you received your package in any condition less than perfect. At this time, our team will be reaching out to you directly to fix this issue and get you your order in the right condition. Thank you, BSG

Best Artificial Nail remover available

I have tried several similar products and they don’t work or the bottle gets all gummy after 2 uses and is ruined. Unpolished is different it works quick and is easy to use and doesn’t damage your nails. I love this product and will definitely keep using it to remove my builder gel, dip powder, gels and gel tips. No mess

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