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This is your sign to get professional advice and learn how to get longer and stronger nails using Builder X Sculpting Gel with nail tech Shaumeya of @showmea_vanity.

Not sure what we are talking about? Let us give you a quick refresher on our Bio Seaweed Gel Sculpting Gel System! This system is designed to Strengthen gel overlays, fortify artificial tip or sculpting extensions.

Within our Sculpting Gel System, there are 3 products

Here is an overview of our Products At a Glance comparison chart to help you better understand the purpose of these products:


click here to view the full PDF if you are interested in learning more about each of our product lines

Now that you have more background knowledge about the Sculpting Gel System, let’s talk more about the star of this blog post - one of our top selling and top-rated products that our nail enthusiasts and nail professional clients rave about: Builder X Sculpting Gel!

When you are looking to create sculpting extensions, we recommend using our extra strength Builder X Sculpting Gel. This is the key product to create the length and strength of the nail enhancements.

The Builder X Sculpting Gel is an upgraded formula from Builder Sculpting Gel, which not only offers more strength, but also eliminates heat spikes. It is ideal for weaker nails or longer extensions.

Here are the main benefits of our Builder X Sculpting Gel: 

  • No primers or bonders required
  • No heavy sanding required prior to application
  • No staining or discolouration to nails
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Flexible and does not crack
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy soak-off removal 30+ applications per jar (depends on length of nails)
  • Available in Clear and Pink colour choices

Now that you are more informed, let’s get into the tutorial!

Builder X Sculpting Gel Extension Tutorial

Tutorial written by Shaumeya with BSG Pro Tips from us.

Products Used:


Step 1
Begin with nail prep and clean cuticles to provide maximum adherence.

Bonus BSG Pro Tip: Before you start, always wash hands with soap and water to remove any oils, dust or debris. Be sure to cleanse nail with 70%+ alcohol before applying any products. No primers or bonders needed with Bio Seaweed Gel products.

Step 2
Apply one layer of Upgraded Stronger Base-1 Gel Polish and cure for 60 seconds in LED lamp. Then, use the Sculpting Form around your nail to prepare for the extension. You want to make sure its properly placed right under the nail to provide the perfect natural nail extension.

Bonus BSG Pro Tip: If necessary, you may need to trim the sides of your sculpting forms for a custom fit.

Step 3
Apply one thin layer of Clear Builder X Sculpting Gel on tip of the nail and create the desired shape and length along the form. It does not have to be perfect as you will get to shape it after. Cure for 60 seconds and repeat to layer on top 2 to 3 times to achieve the desired strength.

Bonus BSG Pro Tip: Before curing, turn your hand upside down to allow the gravity to naturally help create a curved apex for the nail.

Step 4
Remove the form and wipe with alcohol to remove the tacky layer. Next, you want to buff and perfect your desired shape and length you have created.

Bonus BSG Pro Tip: Use 70%+ alcohol for best results

Step 5
Apply your favorite BSG gel polish - I applied two thin layers of 278 Jelly Bean UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish and cured for 60 seconds. Finish it off by applying BSG Nail and Cuticle Oil to keep nails hydrated and extend the wear of your gel polish!

Final Results

You now have a gorgeous set of artificial nails in 5 easy steps! Check out this amazing before and after:

The transformation is uncanny- just look at the end results! If you are a professional wanting to learn a new service to offer to your clients, or are seeking to move away from using nail tips for extensions, the Sculpting Gel System is a great alternative. What better way to try it out than during our semi-annual fall sale, where you can get 20% off? No code needed, the discount will automatically apply in your cart. PS. BSG Pros get special pro pricing, which you can sign up for an account here.

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Want to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card? Here’s how! Comment below if you have tried our Sculpting Builder Gel before, as an overlay or sculpted extension or both? Also, let us what your favorite thing about it is!

One winner will be randomly selected and contacted by email on September 28th 2022. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada. For all USA residents, to enter and leave a comment on our USA blog click here.

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Haven’t tried it yet but would love to. Would be great for a nail that breaks (instead of waiting for it to naturally grow back).

Liana September 25, 2022

I have tried both and love it! The only sculpting system I use on my nails now!

Katy Mayo September 22, 2022

I haven’t tried these products yet but would love to in the future!

Justine September 21, 2022

I tried both and it’s the best !! I am a beginner and the product itself is really easy to apply with a bit of practice! It is a game changer because I always have some nails that gets broken so I can adjust my nails length with this product! I recommend it ! ❤️

Tahmina September 21, 2022

This is exactly what I needed to know! I wasn’t sure which builder gel to get between the regular and X and I’ve been wanting to try. Perfect timing!

Kristine H September 21, 2022

While this is amazing I have not seen anything like this before.
I would love to try this sculpting gel because when I have used gel Polish sometimes it would just peel off but you can see some of those layers of my nail being pulled off with the polish and then next thing you know I am left with such a thin brittle nail.

Edis September 21, 2022

I haven’t tried it before. I love the look of long nails 👌😍

Rebecca Li September 21, 2022

Haven’t tried either, but my favourite thing about it is the smoothness and length!

Quynh September 21, 2022

I haven’t tried it yet but I can’t wait to try!

Danielle September 21, 2022

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