Top 18 Nail Colours Worn by A-List Celebrities

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Are you new to the world of nails? Are you a seasoned pro? Or somewhere in-between? Regardless of your nail level, we can all agree on one thing. Top sellers are a top seller for as reason! If are you not sure which nail colour to go for next, read on to see our top 18 nail colours worn by A-List Celebrities. Why 18 you ask? Well, we've put together this list in honour of our 18th birthday that just passed on June 19, 2024 🎉

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 #1: 34 Coconut

Coconut is voted our #1 must-have for essentially 18 years running. We couldn't agree more! This creamy based pink suits all skin tones, all shapes and lengths of nails - what more could you ask for?! 

Here it is on Hailee Steinfield, nails by @olivianailsit 🥥

#2: Marshmallow

It blows our mind a little bit that we haven't been tagged for a A-List celebrity wearing our fan favourite Marshmallow - but we know all of our Celebrity Nail Techs have gone through bottles of this perfect pale baby pink. 

Nonetheless, Marshmallow is still #2 on our list and #1 in our hearts. Here is a video by the gorgeous style & beauty influencer @sarahmian applying her signature nail colour - Marshmallow: 

#3: 1040 Be The Light

Our favourite celebrity nail tech @tombachik gave @jlo the most perfect your nails but better mani with Be The Light. This soft cloudy white is such a flattering sheer. We love how the white base allows for the most gentle and natural french mani. 

#4: Evergreen

The perfect dark green doesn't exi - 
Our regal forest green looks absolutely gorgeous on @sofiarichie for @lofficielbrasil, nails by the talented @olivianailsit. This green has so much depth to it that in the sun you can see it is a true dark green but in the shadows and moonlight it's almost like a black. 

#5: Cotton Angel

This barely there cloudy white and pink toned sheer makes you feel like you went to heaven and back! You can wear this shade alone to bring out your most natural nail beauty, or try it as a base for the softest french manicure or nail art foundation. Here we see this beautiful nail colour on Kim Kardashian, nails by @kimkimnails: 

05 Cotton Angel - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#6: White

The holy grail of nail colour: pure white! If you have not tried all white nails yet, what are you waiting for?! White nails matches any season, any outfit and any occasion. You will look good whether you are going to the office, the beach, the laundry mat. You will look as good as Cardi B wearing all white nails on the cover of @voguesingapore Ablaze Magazine Cover! Nails by @nailson7th. 

01 White - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada01 White - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#7: Milkshake + Seashell Combo

Looking for a chrome effect without the messy powders? Try our Seashell, it is the most delicate iridescent pearl pink that gives off the chrome look effortlessly! You can wear this gel polish colour on top of any other to give it a oh so glossy and shimmery chrome-like finish. In this case, we've seen @tombachik pair our Milkshake (a sheer soft milky pink) as the base with a layer of Seashell on top for @haileesteinfeld:

#8: Snow Bare

Snow bare is a barely there soft beige in a sheer finish. It's a perfect nude for an everyday look or to wear under your nail art. It is on the warmer tone side so it really blends in naturally with your nail bed. Here we see this gorgeous nail colour on Jennifer Lopez at @amas, American Music Awards, nails by @tombachik:

1009 Snow Bare - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#9: Black Magic

Nothing is as bold of a statement as pure black nails! This shade is not only for the wicked or cooler seasons. If you haven't tried wearing black or a super dark colour in the warmer seasons, add it to your bucket list! There is something super powerful about a dark moody shade while the sun is shinning. Here we see a twist on the classic all black nails, where celebrity nail artist @kimkimnails created a tie dye french manicure for Ella Mai: 

Other colours were also used to help achieve this look:
Coast to Coast and Cotton Angel
151 Black Magic - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada151 Black Magic - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#10: Jelly Bean

This sheer light beige pink is quickly becoming a fan favourite. It's only been added to our collection since 2019 but everyone wants Jelly Bean! Everyone, including Cardi B. Nails by @nailson7th: 

This colour is so gorgeous that we wanted to share one more look of it. Here is a clean swatch of Jelly Bean by @lustreluxebeauty:

#11: Hydrangea

If you are looking for the perfect soft, pastel, baby blue - look no further! Hydrangea is our top seller for a reason and it looks so cute on everyone. It is a colour you can wear all year round. Even if you are new to stepping out of your comfort zone, give this colour a try! Below, we see Kylie Jenner wearing our Hydrangea, nails by @kimkimnails: 

#12: Valentine

Will you be my valentine? ❤️ There's no comparison to a classic red nail look. When you are unsure what nail look to go for, a red nail look is always in. Have you heard of the red nail theory? Essentially, it is the idea if you wear red nails, you're more likely to get attention from potential suitors. Someone should tell the cast of Bridgeton this trick. If you want to find the best red nail for you, click here to read our blog "How to Choose the Best Red Nail Colour for Yourself or Your Clients". Katy Perry certainly knew which red looks absolutely stunning on her! Nails by @kimkimnails: 

169 Valentine - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#13: Halifax 

An oh so sweet light milk chocolate brown. This colour is so rich and can be worn any time of the year. This colour also happens to look great with a glossy finish or a matte finish! Did you know this colour is named after a capital city in a province in Canada? We are proudly a Canadian company and we have a collection celebrating our country 'Uptown Lights'. Some shades in this collection are now discontinued, but you can still grab the collection before they're gone forever! Here we see how beautiful Halifax nail colour looks on Keke Palmer, nails by @chrmdbysarah: 

253 Halifax - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#14: 289 Sugarcoat

Nothing is sweeter than the perfect milky pale pink nails! This shade suits all occasions, time of year and even nail lengths and shapes. Here we see it on Selena Gomez, nails by @tombachik: 

289 Sugarcoat - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada289 Sugarcoat - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#15: 106 Babe

This nail colour will get you so many compliments at the grocery store or gas station cashier. This eye catching bright peachy coral screams summer, beach and fun! It is a fan  favourite bright colour and looks great on both your fingernails and toenails. We love the way @tombachik tied #106 Babe into line nail art with the colours #224 Daddy's Girl and #101 Snow White on Camila Cabello! 

106 Babe - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada106 Babe - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#16: 53 Peaches

This peachy nude is rated 5 stars for a reason! It is a very subtle pink with a peachy creamy undertone. It looks great on everyone, especially on Bella Hadid! Nails done by @kimkimnails: 

53 Peaches - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada53 Peaches - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada
As a bonus As Seen On, back in May 2017 we got one of our first DIRECT Celebrity posts (not sponsored!). Read all about it here:  

#17: Fairytale

Your dreams will come true with this bright pastel purple! It is so perfect for spring and summer. If you take a look a the reviews on this colour, the most popular term is "must-have". So if you don't take it from us - take it from all the customers who truly love this nail colour! Here it is on Kourtney Kardashian, nails by @kimkimnails: 

60 Fairytale - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada60 Fairytale - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada

#18: Red Hot

Last but certainly not least on our list, is Red Hot! 🔥 Just like the name entails, this colour is fire! It is so gorgeous and despite it's name, this shade actually has a reddish and brownish undertone. So, its not a bright red by any means but more so a warmer red. Here it is on the one and only Rihanna, nails by @redhotnails (ps. this colour name was made for Maria - the celeb nail tech!):

128 Red Hot - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada128 Red Hot - Bio Seaweed Gel Canada
That's a wrap for our top 18 nail colours as seen on A-List Celebrities! It was tough to round up our top 18, as we have over 300 colours and many more have been seen on celebrities! To find the full list of star-struck nail colours, check out our collection page: "As Seen On"! 

Although we feel the list above is a great list for your next must-have nail colours, we have a few shades that have yet to be worn on celebrities (at least that we got credit for) and so, here is a list of our honourable mentions...

Honourable Mentions

#85 Sweet Pea nails by @pixienailco: 

#36 Sugar nails by @brendas.nails:

#276 Taro Slush nails by @shuey_cortez:

#172 Toffee by @ricekittynails: 

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