$500 BSG Gift Card! + Our Interview with Clawgasmic

Hi BSG fans!

Recently we had the honour to be interviewed by Clawgasmic. Learn more about our family business history, and learn a few tips and tricks about our products. The interview answers were written by one of the daughters of BSG, Hellen.

We are so overjoyed and blessed to be friends with the awesome company Clawgasmic. Shout out to Chan and Jouvan! They are a lovely couple based in the UK, with the same mindset and goals as BSG. In the nail industry, there may be a lot of competition - but why?! We are all in it together. Let's work together.

At Clawgasmic, their goals are to share ideas, inspire each other, learn from each other, stay on top of the latest trends and help your businesses grow together. This lovely down to earth couple works hard day and out to track down the best of the best. They release weekly interviews with nail artists all around the world, put content out there that can help newbies and overall just help push a massively positive nail movement online. The bottom line is to support each other! 

We are 110% supporters of Clawgasmic! We hope you will be too soon. We hope you enjoy the read.  

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