SALE! Summer Time Trios

Summer Time Trios are here! With UNITY's unique SolarCure technology you can enjoy the summer sun and healthy gel nails! Save 15% when purchasing a trio. 

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Beach Bunny
Fun in the Sun with:
#191 Sand (Shimmery pearly-beige)
#200 Beach Babe (Solid bright pinky-orange)
#206 Blue Me Away (Solid azure blue) 

Summer Sunrise
Rise and Shine with:
#156 Summer Love (Sparkley warm orange)
#202 Sunshine (Solid bright yellow) 
#207 Lime (Solid bright lime green)

Picnic Season
Get a Taste of:
#159 Sunset (Solid red-burgundy)
#228 Very Berry (Solid red-orange)
#241 Cupcake (Light pink shimmer) 

Limited time only. Get them before the summer sun goes down!