UNITY Matching Set

  • Contains a UNITY Gel Polish and its matching shade in BeBio Nail Lacquer
  • Ideal for matching manicure and pedicures
  • Save when you buy the set vs. individually 

More About UNITY:

  • Contains our No-Sanding Base Gel Polish and No-Wipe Top Gel Polish to shorten the number of steps and applications in your manicure routine
  • Provides 2+ weeks of high-shine and chip-free wear
  • No shrinking, wrinkling or discolouration of colour
  • Self-leveling formula
  • Strengthens and promotes natural nail growth
  • Cures in a LED lamp (60 seconds) or UV lamp (120 seconds)
  • Cures under the sun- LED/UV lamp not required (see how to)
  • No sticky inhibition layer after drying- no need to wipe with alcohol!
  • Easy soak-off removal

More About BeBio:

  • Provides up to 7 or more days of wear
  • Long lasting and highly pigmented formula
  • No discolouration of natural nails
  • No LED/UV lamp required; air-dry product
  • Easy wipe-off removal with acetone or nail polish remover