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Outlast and outshine the rest with our top selling Base and Top Gel Polish

Base-1 Gel Polish:
Strengthen your gel nails with our upgraded extra strength Base-1 Gel Polish.
New and improved rubber base formula for a stronger wear and quicker soak-off time. Ideal for weak to brittle nails. Note: Base will always remain tacky even after curing

No-Wipe Top Gel Polish:
Protect your gel nails with our upgraded high-shine No-Wipe Top Gel Polish.
New and improved formula for a longer-lasting shine. 
No cleansers needed, cures to the touch with no tacky inhibition layer.

Individual Size: 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz) each

  • Smooths out foundation and ridges of nails
  • Provides strength to nails
  • Promotes natural nail growth
  • No primers or bonders required
  • No heavy sanding required propr to application
  • No staining or discolouration to nails
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Enriched with vitamins and minerals
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • 60+ applications per bottle
  • Protects longevity of gel wear for 2+ weeks
  • No discolouration or staining of gel colour
  • No shrinking or wrinkling, self-leveling formula
  • No air-dry time, cures in LED/UV lamp
  • Easy soak-off removal
  • 60+ applications per bottle

Use BSG Base and Top Gel Polish for all your gel applications.
Compatible with all gel systems.

Must use with 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and optional to add onto UNITY All-In-One Colour Gel Polish for extra strength and shine.

Can be used with our Builder Sculpting Gel.

Base Gel Polish Cure Times
LED 30 seconds
UV 60 seconds

Top Gel Polish Cure Times
LED 60 seconds
UV 120 seconds

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Gel Base and Top Coat

    So glad I got the chance to try Bio Seaweed products! They are now our go-to gel products and we are very happy with the outcome!

    Best Nail Gel Ever!! - No Lifting!!!

    I am so grateful I found Bio Seaweed Gel in my search for quality Gel that wasn't toxic. Honestly this has been a god end for my nails. I've always had very brittle and weak nails (even with calcium supplements) so anytime I attempted to grow out my own nails I would have issues with them cracking, peeling or ripping. I was struggling finding a nail strengthener that was strong enough to keep my nails from breaking. Enter Bio Seaweed Gel. I first bought this duo of just the clear base and top gel to test it out - AMAZING. This gel does not lift at all and I always have issues with gel lifting (I think I have oily nail beds). My nails have never grown so long. Ioved this gel so much that I bought 6 more colours.

    I don't soak these off. I prefer to not use acetone on my nails so when I feel like switching colours I file the tops down but keep a bit of the base gel on there and just add my next colour - looks amazing and the gel still adheres just as well to filed down gel as it does to my own nails.

    This is hands down the BEST gel I've ever used - even compared to the gel nails I've gotten done at salons. Nothing has lasted like these do.

    THANK YOU BIO SEAWEED GEL!!! My absolute HG of nail gel!!!

    Long lasting

    Product is very easy to use and lasts a long time. My salon uses this product so I already knew I loved it!

    Amazing lasting power

    The brush size was perfect. The product was easy to use. (First time doing at home nails and had no problems). Great longevity.

    Had to buy more products, i am obsessed!

    Love this Set!

    Great experience with price point, useability, and longevity of the product!

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