Artist Spotlight: Double Dip Special

Issue No. 039


It’s a double dip special and in a good way! For the first time ever, we are featuring not one but two special talents for Artist Spotlight and both are Dip Artists. Read below as we talk all things Dip Powder with Miranda of @mirandas_nailcreations and Evelyn of @evie_nailsdipped.

To kick off this all-about-dip-powder post, let’s start off with the purpose and benefits of Dip Powder!


  • Provides 2+ weeks of superior strength and chip-free colour when used with Dip Liquids
  • Promotes natural nail growth
  • Applies onto natural nail or over artificial extensions
  • 2-in-1 formula can create traditional acrylic with choice of monomer 


  • Speedy application
  • Air-dry with no LED/UV lamps needed
  • 30+ applications per jar
  • Odour-free
  • Soak-off removal
  • Available in inspired shades of 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and BeBio Nail Lacquer
  • 114 colour choices

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Now that you know a little more, let’s meet the artists under our spotlight.


Of course, we have to start off with an introduction 🙂 May you kindly let us know your name and how you found yourself in the nail industry x creative space? 

“My name is Miranda Price. I started my nail journey in 2012 when I was a senior in high school. I started with regular nail polish, acrylic paint and the occasional kiss acrylic kit from Walmart.”

You are one of the first nail artist we've asked to be on Artist Spotlight who strictly only works with Dip Powder- can you tell us all about that?

“Dip powder is my current favorite nail product to work with. I found dip powder in 2017.  Since starting my nail journey in 2012 I’ve found dip powder to be the best all around nail product for me. The application is easy, the strength is incredible and they last pretty much forever if stored properly. Dip powder is the only product that kept my nails healthy enough to grow. I used to bite my nails and I’ve never had long natural nails until I started dipping. I do use nail polish & gel polish occasionally but it’s usually over dip powder.”

Love the consistent look of your Instagram feed, your Dip Powder nail photos look incredible! Sometimes it looks just like gel polish and I'm shocked it's not. Something our readers may not know is that it is your hands is actually on a few of our Dip Powder product pages on our website! You've helped up create some nail photos showing a few of our Dip Powder colours. One thing that stood out for me from these pictures are your cuticles- they are immaculate 😍 You have to share with us how you keep them looking so perfectly hydrated and moisturized! 

“Thank you! My cuticles are something I’ve been working on for the last few years. I maintain my cuticles everyday! I apply A LOT of cuticle oil. Up to 10 times a day or more 🙈 I am obsessed with cuticle oil! It really does make a huge different in how my nailfies come out.”

By the way, if you are looking for where to purchase a cuticle oil, check out ours here!

Miranda wearing Dip Powder in 06 Crystal Ball

Speaking of tips, can you give us your top 3 tips on how to Dip Nails for a more even and longer lasting wear? 

“My top 3 tips would be 1, prep! Prep is key to getting dip to last as long as possible. Making sure to remove the cuticle (dead skin) on your natural nail before dipping will really ensure your dip manis last well. 2, cleaning up the cuticles with an orange wood stick or precision tool. This was an absolute game changer for me! Let me explain how it works. After you apply dip base and dip your nails into the powder go around the cuticle line and side walls with an orange wood stick to clean up any dip that might be on your skin. This will also help your dip manis last longer and give a cleaner look. 3, do your dominant hand first! It took me a few years to figure out that if I do my dominant hand first I have a way easier time doing both hands. I don’t know why this helps but it does for me and I hope it helps others too!”

Lastly, we always like to ask our Artist if they have anything going on in their life they would like to share- perhaps any special projects that you have been working on or we can expect from you in the future? Any final words are also welcomed 🙂 

“I currently am not working on any special projects. I’m a stay-at-home mom to an almost year and a half old boy who keeps me very very busy 🙈. I currently just do what I can with the time I have during naps and after bed time. Doing my nails has always been a stress reliever. I always tell people doing my nails is my yoga. It’s when I can shut my mind off and release the stress from a long week/day ❤️”


Of course, we have to start off with an introduction 🙂 May you kindly let us know your name, where you are based and how you came about to the world of nails - especially Dip Powder Nails! 

“Hi, my name is Evelyn Rojas and I’m based in London, ON. I’m a plant scientist by profession but I’ve always had a passion for nails; since I was about 8 years old l always dreamt of doing my own and other people’s nails.  Even though I did not pursue the path to become a nail tech, I am very happy that back in 2021 I discovered dip powders (through the pandemic), and with that, this amazing company, that’s also local to me (Ontario based).”

This is the first time on Artist Spotlight where we are featuring Dip Powder Nail Artists! We'd love to hear your best tips and tricks to achieving long lasting and even Dip Powder Nails. 

“This is such an honour! Dip powder is amazing but also tricky to work with at times. My best tip is to never give up. Keep on practicing, those perfect cuticle lines are only achieved if you try it over and over. Also, thin dip liquids like BSG’s are key to achieve thin layers and avoid bulky nails at the end of the process. Don’t forget to have good files and buffers in your toolbox too. They will be essential in your nail prep routine and therefore longer lasting dipped nails.”

This question is for all the beginners or those who are thinking about trying Dip Powder. Is there any advice you wish you would have known when you first started doing Dip Powder Nails? 

“Oh, that is such a great question! I’d say I would have loved to know the tips I know now while working with chunky dip glitters. One thing I’ve learnt is to apply your first dip layer very thin, lay your nail flat on the dip powder and use a stiff brush to make sure you get rid of all the particles that didn’t attach to the glue, repeat once again, then proceed to hand place chunks where you feel you need to. Don’t forget to apply a clear dip powder to protect your precious work. My personal favourite is BSG 00 Clear, it always gives me that crystal clear finish.”

What are your top 3 favourite Dip Powder Colours? and your favourite Dip tools? 

“My favourite dip colours from the BSG lineup are 02 Seashell, 30 Salmon Pink and 45 Smitten. I feel these colours have a mood of their own 🥰. I absolutely love the BSG professional nail files, the DMA buffers blocks are amazing too and always help to get that smooth surface ready for dip topcoat. I couldn’t do all this filing and buffing without the dust collector; this has been a great addition to my nail collection.”

Evelyn wearing Dip Powder 30 Salmon Pink.

Lastly, we always like to ask our Artist if they have anything special going on they would like to share, such as special projects that you have been working on or we can expect from you in the future? Any final words are also welcomed 🙂 

“I have been diving into more hand painted nail art. I’ve recently acquired a couple of the nail art brushes from BSG and my purpose is to keep practicing. I am not where I want to be but working hard to get there 😉”.

And on that last note, we totally agree – practice makes perfect! Thank you, Miranda and Evelyn, for taking the time to be interviewed by us. It was a pleasure getting to know you and your Dip Powder journey.


Comment below for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift Card. Let us know if you have tried Dip Powder yet? If yes, what is your best tip you would like to share? If no, what are the benefits of Dip Powder that make you want to try it?

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I haven’t had a chance to try dip powders yet, but I would love to try it as the application sounds pretty easy!

Hanna August 05, 2022

I’ve used the dip powders about 5 times and finally got the hang of it. They used to crack and chip within a day and now they last much longer! I love how smooth and shiny the polish looks and no lamps!

Liana August 01, 2022

Yes I have a few of the dip powders and I love how strong my nails feel with it!

Jennifer Yu July 27, 2022

I love BSG dip powders! Sad no new colours coming out though :( best tip is thin thin layer of base. and build your apex with dip gradually and it will give you a great shape and strength.

Katherine Gillan July 27, 2022

I use dip powder occasionally and my best tip would be to make sure you dust off all the excess powder before adding another coat

Ketna July 27, 2022

Dip powder sounds really interesting. I should try it someday

Rebecca Li July 27, 2022

I have recently made the switch, as I wanted to take a break from the lamps. The first set I did was easier than I thought, although it wasn’t smooth – I didn’t know you needed to file the tops down. Start there, and watch how quickly you improve :)

mary July 27, 2022

No, I haven’t tried it! Would love to try it because no lamp is required and odour free!

Karen Leung July 27, 2022

I haven’t tried it, what makes me want to try it is that you don’t need any lamps to dry it

Amanda freitas July 27, 2022

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