Get Pedi Ready with UNITY All-In-One

Issue No. 040


Put your best toes forward this summer, as we share how to get pedi ready at home with UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish. We will be sharing expert advice from nail professionals (some you may already know and love!) and why UNITY is the optimal gel polish choice for your next pedicure.


UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish is our unique gel polish that has built in Base and Top all-in-one bottle. The one-step gel formula makes it quicker to achieve gel nails as you eliminate the extra steps of applying Base and Top separately and all the cure time between them. UNITY also cures to the touch with no sticky inhibition layer so no alcohol cleanse required.

UNITY gel pedicures will always be as easy as:
1. Prep
2. First coat of colour
3. Second coat of colour

You get all the major benefits of gel polish nails like 2+ weeks of high shine and chip-free nails plus a little extra time to enjoy the summer!

For detailed instructions on how to use UNITY, click here.


We spoke with four different nail professionals and asked them to share their go-to pedicure shades and their best tips for achieve the perfect pedicure at home. Here is what they had to say!

Kattleya | @KATTCLAWS

“My best advice for a long-lasting pedicure is to prime those toes! I make sure to take a little alcohol swab and remove all oils before I paint. Removing oils helps the polish adhere better to the surface of your nails. A nice slow and steady paint job, avoiding the cuticles can also help achieve a clean grow out without chipping.”

Kattleya’s go to UNITY pedicure colours: 261 Victoria and 278 Jelly Bean


“I have a few tips for achieving a great long-lasting pedicure at home that will keep you looking fresh this summer! First, you need to push back your cuticles the same when you would for your hands. Soak your feet in some warm water for about 10 minutes and then use a cuticle pusher to gently push back the dead skin. After that, dry well, do all your regular shaping and buff your toenails well. There needs to be a rough surface for the polish to adhere to. I use a 240-grit sand band on my electronic file but if you don’t have one, a regular buffer from Bio Seaweed Gel works perfectly.

Next step is to exfoliate your feet. If you do not have a store-bought scrub, DIY a scrub using common household items! I like to use table salt and olive oil, but you can use sugar and coconut oil or Himalayan salt and avocado oil. Really anything works. I also use this on my hands after every manicure to make my hands extra smooth. Scrub for at least a minute, really scrubbing nicely around your cuticles and heels and then rinse with warm water and lots of soap. Make sure no oil is left at all otherwise that will affect polish application.

Once you have thoroughly dried your feet, spray some rubbing alcohol on your toes and wipe down the nail plate. I like to use a lint-free wipe to wipe off the rubbing alcohol so that no little bits of fluff are left behind. Then, I apply TWO coats of Upgraded Base-1 Gel Polish. This really helps harder the nail plate and give the gel polish something strong to adhere to. After I have cured my base, I use a UNITY Gel Polish to paint my toes. My favourite this summer has been Kandi Yamz. It is the most gorgeous Barbie pink! Then, I seal my polish with the Upgraded No-Wipe Top Gel Polish. Although it is a UNITY Gel Polish and does not require a base or top coat, I still like to use them because they help my pedicure last for two months. I hope these tips help and you all have lovely pedicures year-round!”

Parisa’s go to UNITY pedicure colours: 269 Kandi Yamz


“My tips for achieving a long-lasting pedicure at home would require the following instruments: A file, buffer, 70-90% alcohol, lint free nail wipe and a cuticle pusher.

First I would consider filing the toenails so that there are no sharp edges, this prevents the nail snagging and potentially breaking. Next, I would gently push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher to avoid polishing on the skin, which would contribute to a longer lasting pedicure. I would then proceed to use a buffer to buff the top of the nail and remove the shine. This allows the polish to stick onto the nail plate and eliminate any lifting. Before polishing, I would wipe the nail with a lint free wipe and some alcohol to remove any extra oils or debris that can also cause lifting between the nail and the polish. UNITY polish is my favourite for at home pedicures because it is super long lasting and does not require a base or topcoat. The base and top are built into the polish which saves you time. It also has a fantastic shine to finish!

Kristy’s go to UNITY pedicure colours: 221 Bombshell, 242 Pink Sky, 232 Tuxedo Blue and 220 Ivy


“To achieve a long-lasting pedicure at home I would recommend a waterless pedicure. All you would need is a wooden pusher (to push back the cuticle area gently) a small buffer to (remove the shine) and a lint free wipe and a bottle of alcohol to (dehydrate the nail and help remove any leftover shine.) By doing a dry pedicure instead of adding water this will help prevent any unnecessary lifting caused by water on the nail plate.”

Brionna’s go to UNITY pedicure colours: 269 Kandi Yamz and 208 Highlight

And there you have it, tips from the experts on how to achieve the perfect UNITY pedicure at home! It seems there is a running principal to achieving a long-lasting pedicure and it is in the prep work of before applying the colour! Prep work makes the dream work and we hope these tips helped!


Have you tried UNITY All-In-One as a one-step gel polish for your pedicure? Also, let us know what your go-to pedicure colour is! Comment below for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift Card.

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My daughter recently painted my nails, I’ve received so many compliments that I ordered my own kit. I can’t wait until it gets here!

Tina Jose August 24, 2022

Haven’t had a chance to use Unity for my pedicure yet, but would definitely go for Bubble Gum – so pretty and fun!

Hanna August 21, 2022

I still haven’t used very many gel polishes on toenails. BeBio/lacquer lasts really well on toes (except on those young with a lot of natural oil), so removal ease is my bigger factor in making the choice (a subject for next blog? – at-home self-removal of toenail Unity vs lacquer, ‘peeling it’, sigh, and time/better strategies). I don’t have a ‘go to’ since I love variety and like to match, even if loosely. My faves are fun colours for toes, so Kandi Yamz is on the list! If it’s to be nail art, gel is awesome for toenails; perfect for ‘editing’! Glitters are great fun..

It’s good to see the strategies used; it will make it more likely that Unity will be a thought for the next one. :)

Monika August 19, 2022

I love my unity nail Polish in Frosting! Great tips here for a long lasting pedi.

Kelly August 17, 2022

My fave at the moment is BSG Very Berry in Unity polish, it is so bright and gorgeous and makes me happy every time I look down at my toes!

Swee Lin August 16, 2022

I really like BSG POOL PARTY !

Sarah Henriques August 12, 2022

Had only tried it for manicure, need to use in my toes next!

Pierina August 11, 2022

Love unity all-in-one especially when I’m away from home on extended trips. Being able to get a long lasting manicure or pedicure without having to bring extra equipment/supplies is amazing!

Michelle August 11, 2022

Haven’t tried your Unity polishes yet, so far just your dips but I definitely need to purchase Kandy Yamz!

Melissa August 11, 2022

Pink sky is perfect for the spring or summer months!!!

Hailey August 10, 2022

Biscuit is such a classic Color! This is definitely my go to look!

Kelly August 10, 2022

Victoria is such a cool colour! Eye catching!

Meaghan August 10, 2022

I always use Snow White for the classic french on my toes!

Liana August 10, 2022

I do really love Ivy, but I’d love to do Candy Pant for a fun summer pedi!

Jessica August 10, 2022

My go to colour is sweet peach :) id love to try Kandi Yamz. Such a beautiful colour

Catherine Martz August 10, 2022

these colors are beautiful. i would love to try Ivy.

Tiofilo Benitez August 10, 2022

my go to color would be bombshell. i love a rich pink. i would like to try pink sky

Genesis Benitez August 10, 2022

Kandy yamz looks amazing for toes!

Rebecca Li August 10, 2022

i’d love to try ivy and tuxedo such beautiful colours

Mandella August 10, 2022

i’d love to try ivy and tuxedo such beautiful colours

Mandella August 10, 2022

Ivy and pink sky and bombshell are beautiful. i would love to try one of these. these colors look so rich.

Edis Benitez August 10, 2022

Hi everyone! My go to unity colour is Kandi Yamz as per my blog post above but I see Kristy mentioned Tuxedo Blue and I would love to try that next!!

Tehrantonails August 10, 2022

I’ve used Jelly bean for a clean pedicure. My go-to pedicure colour is Jelly bean!

Quynh August 10, 2022

I have used these polishes for as long as I can remember! Dying to try 242 pink sky as the next colour!

Ketna Patel August 10, 2022

I haven’t tried it, but I would definitely use 220 Ivy its such a pretty green

Amanda freitas August 10, 2022

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