Artist Spotlight: Kandi Banks

Issue No. 008

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‘Artist Spotlight’ is a mini-interview series featured on Beyond the Paint, where we talk to and share with you insider interviews with our favourite nail professionals and creators.

269 Kandi Yamz is more than just a neon pink fuchsia shade from our UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish Carnival Collection. This vibrant colour is named after one of our beloved OG brand ambassador, a nail professional whose work you might have seen on the nails of Missy Elliot, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj, Kehlani or even online – as she has amassed over 100k followers on her Instagram! We are proud to debut this series and put a well-deserved spotlight on Kandi Banks

Tell us a little about yourself!

“My name is Kandi Banks. I am located north of Los Angeles in Reseda, and I’ve been doing nails [for] 10.5 years. I randomly got into the nail industry when I was in college for Fashion. My roommate at the time always came home with crazy designs. I told myself I could do that. I started working on myself and then practicing on her. She actually encouraged me to get into the industry. My favorite thing about being in the nail industry is being able to be creative in all aspects. I also love being my own boss and making my own schedule. I [also] actually have a side hustle selling Nike’s and Jordan’s. I also like to cook and bake. Most recently I started gardening, it’s so therapeutic!”

Perfectly polished 'Klaws' by Kandi: 66 Papaya (left) and 57 Mousse (right)

Tell us about your relationship with Bio Seaweed Gel…

“I discovered BSG in 2014. They reached out to me via IG. I remember the products stayed on for weeks! I was so impressed!! I have my own color with BSG and its pink, which of course is my favorite color. My favorite color to use on clients is Peach Tea and Jelly Bean.”

As a bonus, we'd also like to share this gem of a photo of when we first met Kandi. Talk about throwback! 

Kandi's favourite BSG shades: 277 Peach Tea (left) and 278 Jelly Bean (right)

What nail looks do you think will be trending this Spring/Summer? And what do you foresee a lot of your clients asking for?

“I honestly can’t say what the next nail trend will be. It changes so frequently! Once minute its high V French tips, then its swirls in negative space, hopefully we can bring back intricate images! My clients don’t follow trends often. Most of them let me be creative.”

Trendy nail art by Kandi: 1010 Sugar Cookie (left) and 05 Cotton Angel (right)

Aside from your Instagram, is there any other platform our readers can find you? Do you have any projects coming up we should keep our eyes peeled for?

“I have a nail art tutorial page on YouTube. I’m kind of bad at posting on there. I have some nail related plans I’m not ready to reveal just yet.”

A few of our favourite looks by Kandi: 171 You Great & 94 Fate (left) and 60 Fairytale (right)

We can’t wait to see what Kandi has coming up next, although it is a surprise, we know that whatever she is working on will be something amazing (evidently, her nail work can attest to that).

Drop a comment below and let us know, have you worn any of Kandi’s favourite BSG shades (269 Kandi Yamz, 277 Peach Tea, 278 Jelly Bean)? If not, what is your favourite BSG colour?

Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on March 10th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada.

*Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Kim C.


Ive never worn any of them but i really like st johns

Brenda Disimone March 09, 2021

fairytale looks nice !

Brenda Disimone March 08, 2021

fairytale is nice

Brenda Disimone March 07, 2021

I don’t have any of Kandi’s favourite shades but my favourite is probably Betty or Lady Crimson depending on the day!

Mel March 06, 2021

you great looks so pretty!

Brenda Disimone March 06, 2021

Love 269 Kandi Yamz, will have to try it out soon! It looks great!

Hurania March 06, 2021

fate is so pretty

Brenda Disimone March 05, 2021

I have tried Peach tea – it’s a great sheer nude! My spring favourite is definitely 53 Peaches!

Kim C March 05, 2021

Kandi Yamz looks good

Brenda Disimone March 04, 2021

I haven’t tried any of Kandi’s favourites, but the peach tea and jelly bean look beautiful! 😍 My fav would have to be coconut 🥥 and sugar! ✨

Angela Chandrapal March 04, 2021

I simply adore jellybean and peach tea! Those 2 sheer are just stunning. And as dor my favorite color, it’s way too hard to choose skmce I love all of them!

Laurence March 04, 2021

Oh this is such an awesome idea you guys had! Loving the artist spotlight. 💜

I never worn kandi yams sadly and I think I don’t even have it on my collection but will have to do something about that soon hi hi!

Laurence March 04, 2021

I haven’t tried those shades but my faves are tea cups and salt and sand!!

Eileen March 04, 2021

I like Kandi Yamz so pretty !

Brenda Disimone March 03, 2021

I would love to try peach tea! I love the milky sheer gel nail polishes. Cotton angel and Milkshake are my favs right now. My nails last for weeks and they look so good! I will definitely be checking out Kandi’s YouTube videos :)

Lorena March 03, 2021

I’m looking toward to checking out Kandi’s YouTube videos! I’ve gotten Peach Tea for my customers, but have yet to try it out myself. Looking forward to it now!

Gladys March 03, 2021

Kandi is one of my favorite nail artist that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and also rocking her nail color! It’s one of my clients favorites at the salon. I love a good nude polish or a bright pink and Peach Tea and Jelly Bean give me everything I need when I’m in the mood to rock a simple yet dainty manicure. A color I’m normally wearing on my nails is usually Peaches I have multiple bottles of it, so I guess you can say I’m obsessed.

Brionna Moore March 03, 2021

I haven’t tried any of Kandi’s favourites, but I definitely would love to!! Peach Tea (277) looks like a cute colour. I love that it is nude and very light. Definitely see myself wearing that colour to work.

Anisha Chopra March 03, 2021

I’ve only tried Peach Tea and I love it, it gives my nails the “no makeup, makeup” type of look to my nails. Like natural but still my nails look.

Emily Trillana March 03, 2021

I would love to wear any of these colours especially peach tea is on my list for my next order! Spring is around the corner!!! Love bioseaweed gel it keeps my nails so strong and pretty for weeks

Nadia Resende March 03, 2021

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