Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day

Earth Day is fast approaching and to show our love and appreciation for our home planet, we wanted to share some eco-friendly tips that get practiced at the BSG office and outside of work by the BSG Girls. Every day we are learning new ways on how to become greener and we hope these practices inspire you as well!

Simple Steps to Becoming More Green

  1. Go paperless. Two years ago, we made the switch to going paperless when it came to receipts. When you place an order with us, you will receive an email receipt instead of a paper copy. Not only does this reduce paper waste drastically but you can also digitally track and locate all your orders with a simple search in your e-mail inbox or BSG VIP Account.

  2. Use a reusable water bottle. Another change we implemented was adding a water filter at the BSG office instead of consuming packaged bottled water. We love this, as it reduces plastic waste and allows us to use and show off our cute reusable water bottles from home (who else here has a collection?!)

  3. Reduce electricity use. One way you can reduce the use of electricity is trying SolarCure when using our UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish. UNITY is a gel polish that combines top, base and a colour all in one formula and has a unique feature that allows it to cure under the sun. You heard right…no need for a LED/UV lamp! Click here for a full tutorial and more information.

  4. Use a reusable shopping tote. Another favourite way of ours to reduce our plastic consumption is using a reusable shopping bag or tote. There are so many cute ones on the market nowadays and if you have ever shopped from us during our tradeshow days (oh how long ago that feels!) you most likely would have received a reusable pink BSG tote with your purchase, which can definitely be reused when grocery shopping.

  5. Reuse our packaging as storage for your BSG collection. Did you know that our black BSG shipping boxes and most of our multi-product packaging were designed with the intention to be double use as small storage? The black BSG shipping boxes are made with a material that is thicker and more durable, while the 6- and 12-piece boxes were made to store and organize your gel polish, nail lacquer and dip powder!

 Show Love with Your Nails

Looking for more ways to show love to the planet while also practicing eco-friendly initiatives? Why not try one of our shades from the COSMOS Collection! This collection is available in our PHASES Colour Changing Gel Polish formula and is inspired by the planets of our solar system. You can get two looks in one as the colour changes in hot and cold temperatures.

P1 Mercury

P1 Mercury goes from a rose pink with sparkle when hot to a dark purple when cold and we just love how @beauty_by_ney completes this look with the floral accent nail!

P2 Saturn

P2 Saturn goes from a cloudy pink when hot to a fuchsia pink when cold and these nails by @ricekittynails are peach-cher perfect!

P3 Uranus

It’s not a Tuesday, but swipe through to check out this transformation! P3 Uranus goes from a fuchsia purple with sparkle when hot to a baby blue with sparkle when cold and we love the flake accent @melimelr added to this look.

P4 Earth

Absolutely gorgeous set by @therevengeparlor using P4 Earth, a light lime green when hot and a dark forest green when cold.  

P5 Neptune

The way @tehrantonails.xo put the gold Medusa head with P5 Neptune is just chefs kiss! This shade changes from a fuchsia pink when hot to a royal purple when cold.

P6 Venus

P6 Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and these nails by @littlebrownmama surely lives up to the name! This fiery shade goes from a bright orange red with sparkle when hot to a dark orange red with sparkle when cold.

P7 Mars

@bobb_cat710 shows off these red-hot claws with P7 Mars. A shade that changes from a baby pink when hot to a cranberry red when cold.

P8 Jupiter

These nails by @ericasbranch are absolute sparkle perfection. P8 Jupiter goes from a light plum purple with sparkle when hot to a dark plum purple with sparkle when cold.

We at BSG are always learning new ways to become more environmental conscious, let us know in the comments below what are some ways you are practicing to go green? Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on April 28th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada.

Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Emily


I go green when i do my own nails by using a reusable file and resuable clips to hold the cotton and acetone to remove my previous gel polish.

Nicole Patton April 26, 2021

I try and go green by thrifting as many of my clothing items as possible, and supporting sustainable shopping by selling my gently used clothing and packing in recyclable and re-used envelopes. I also take the bus as much as I can.

Lauren Tremblay April 25, 2021

I practice going green by…
reusing before i recycle
going paperless
bringing my own bags

Olivia April 24, 2021

I’ve been trying to be more green friendly by composting more and trying to cut down on how much necessary waste I’m creating… I have also been going to bulk stores near me where you can use your own containers to cut down on plastic!

Sarah Wade April 22, 2021

So many great suggestions from other folks; thank you. I’ve sewn our reusable masks. If you sew, check out the University of Florida department of anaesthesiology pattern #2 as a base, as it gives an extraordinary seal to the face, alone, or to anchor down a surgical mask. It works great for men, women, and even 5 year olds (at 80%) and bearded dudes (at 115%)!

Monika April 22, 2021

I try to avoid buying things that have too many packaging. I use reusable bags when I do my shopping. We also do recycling and soon we will compost.

Tahmina Jamil April 21, 2021

I’m new to gel nails and these look magical! I hope I can do nail art like this one day. I’m starting with Bioseed gel because it sounds the most healthy with addition to being great quality.

daisy April 21, 2021

There are a couple things I do by practicing going green such as bringing my own reusable shopping bags when I go to do my groceries. Using a hot and cold tumbler so that it is a double purpose of wasting cups and plastic bottles using for both my hot and cold drinks. Saving egg shells and using for compost by putting then into my plants soil for fertilizer. It is important to find ways to lessen waste and it starts with the little things.

Emily April 21, 2021

Great ideas! I like to reuse packaging. I save bubble mailers for when I need to send packages. Reuse jars are great for soups. Bottled water is a waste- I always bring a reusable water bottle from home. And if I don’t drink it I use it to water the houseplants. I don’t leave the house just for errands, stop at stores on the way home from work to reduce driving. Saving the environment and saving money :)

Maggie April 21, 2021

I have taken the step beyond bringing a refill cup for my coffee to the drive-thru and now make my coffee at home in my go-cup. This means not idling in the drive-thru line for the wait time and I even end up with a few more minutes of sleep every morning too!

KYLA April 21, 2021

I love these ideas. Some of my Facebook ways to go green are to reuse boxes and packaging for storage or for future gift wrapping, and BSG makes that so easy for me to do! I also ensure that all my food and water bottles are always in washable and reusable containers. The most important thing for me is to reduce my plastic waste in the first place!

Shalom Chen April 21, 2021

I purchase products in large quantities and refill reusable bottles to reduce plastic usage.

Coco April 21, 2021

I’ve been working from home which is real my helping my family’s gas consumption. I also use reusable water bottles and a Brita Filter to reduce plastic waste.

Marina Shafik April 21, 2021

One thing I’ve always done to be green in terms of my work is by buying short, medium and long nail tips and choosing which one to use depending on what length my client wants. I’ve seen a lot of plastic gone to waste when long tips are used for a client who wants short length. Another more eco-friendly thing I have started to do is use containers as opposed to zip lock bags or Saran wrap, even for the smallest items. Instead of wrapping a half-eaten Apple and putting it in the fridge, just put it in a small container! Also using reusable masks!!

Parisa (@tehrantonails.xo) April 21, 2021

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