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Diamond Nail Art Brush

$22 CAD
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Indulge in the artistry of nail design with our Diamond Nail Art Brushes. Crafted for precision and detail, each brush is a testament to fine craftsmanship and creativity.

Brush Types:

  • Liner 1: Perfect for delicate, intricate strokes, ideal for detailed nail art.
  • Liner 2: Crafted for short strokes, ideal for creating precise smile lines and intricate details.
  • Liner 3: A striper brush designed for outlining images and adding depth with precision.
  • Angle: Harness the power of control with a 45° angled cut, perfect for intricate designs and sculpting gels.
  • Sculpting: Tailored for flawless sculpting gel application.
  • Ombre: Ideal for creating seamless ombre effects with ease.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Disappointed with appearance

I got both the sculpting and ombré diamond brushes and I'm a little disappointed with the quality between the two. Functionality wise they are amazing, but the difference in quality of the stones is a bit of a let down, especially since I bought it for how it looks. The sculpting brush is perfect, but the ombré stones look like salt crystals instead of "diamonds."

Nora Nahornick
Super good quality brush

I use the angled brush for clean up. Really nice bristles!

Hellen L
Flawless ombre!

Love the new ombre brush. It blends colours so effortlessly. Pro tip: after you swipe your first blend, wipe it off on a lint free wipe then continue to blend. Sometimes when there’s too much product on the brush, it’ll spread the colour to unwanted areas.

Excellent brushe

I got the Line 3 brush and it's made nail art much easier... omg. Didn't know what I was missing.

Hi B S,

Thank you for taking time to review 249 Royal Blue.

We are grateful for your support in our company.

Kindly do note our colour description for this shade mentions ‘sheer’ meaning the colour is always a see-through finish.

Please contact our customer service team for any further assistance at:

Pat Lymburner

Great brushes great quality and GREAT SERVICE

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