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Lint-Free Wipes

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Ideal for nail preparation, nail polish and gel polish removal and as a finishing cleanser wipe. Lint-free material cleans without leaving behind any fibres. Soft, absorbent and sanitary. Also use to clean and sterilize metal tools and product brushes.

100 piece per package

100% Non-woven cotton 
Individual size 5 cm x 5 cm

Notice: You may receive an updating packaging of the pink packaging label.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Way better than cotton rounds!

These were perfect when doing my first at-home gel manicure.

Great lint free wipes.

Very handy prep product.

Good day Nicole Mitchell

Thank you for your feed back on Lint-Free Wipes

We are so excited to hear you think it is a very handy prep product.

My favourite wipes

I use these for everything in my home salon. I love that they are lint free!

Greetings Fran,
Thank you for taking the time to review our Lint-Free Wipes.
We are glad you are using them for everything in your home salon!

Leaves no debris on the nail and absorbs nicely!

I love to use lint-free nail wipes to either wipe the tacky base that gel polishes leave, or simply to cleanse my nail with rubbing alcohol to remove any leftover oil on the nail plate. I have tried other lint-free wipes in the past, and these are definitely my favorite! They truly don't leave any debris behind on the nail plate.

Hello Halina,
Thank you for your feedback on our Lint-Free Wipes.
We are happy to hear that you enjoying our product and that it has become one of your favourites!


I was previously using paper towels to wipe my nails which would always leave streaks over even debris but these do none of those things. They are honestly the best and save me from wasting paper towels.

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