Get Artsy with Artist’e Blooming Nail Art Gel Polish

Issue No. 13

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Get Artsy with Artist’e Blooming Nail Art Gel Polish

We love a minimal one colour manicure but sometimes we want to channel our inner Van Gogh and get artsy with it! One great way to dive into the nail art world is using our Artist’e Nail Art Gel Polish, a clear blooming nail art gel polish that helps create water and airbrush effects by blooming and spreading colour gel polish when it is placed on top of Artist’e.

The steps are as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  1. Perform your regular manicure and/or pedicure. Apply your desired base and/or colour gel polish and cure according to instructions.
  2. Apply one clear coat of Artist’e Nail Art Gel. DO NOT CURE. Use your nail art tool to start designing.
  3. Watch as your “self-art” automatically come to life after a few seconds! Artist’e will spread and create different effects, depending on how you design. Cure and finish with a final top gel polish.

There are a multitude of designs you can achieve when using Artist’e. From abstract art to marble to snakeskin, the possibilities are endless! Check out below what these nail artists have created using Artist’e.

Water Colour

We love this multi-coloured design by @lauren_marshmallow and can see so many different colour combinations that would look amazing! (creams and browns for a milk pouring into coffee look anyone?!)

Smoky Nails

We all are familiar with a smoky eye look but how about smoky nail look! We love this unique design done by @kmnailstudio.

Ocean Waves

Who else loves the ocean and cannot wait till we can travel to a tropical, beach destination? Until then we will admire in awe of these ocean waves nails by @__nailsbynikki

Snake Skin

How cute are these snake print nails by @fromtyewithlove! Ophidiophobia who? 


Snake print a little too bold? Try tortoise print! We love how @karla.ariass elevates this manicure with tortoise print accent nails.


We definitely had to include this design on our list. One of the more classic and popular looks done using Artist’e – Marble! @nailsby_marilyn nails this design down with these immaculate nails (pun intended)


For a coloured look inspired by marble, why not try a Jade design? We love these ethereal nails by @snowbunny_nails.

Rose Quartz

Try a pink and white Rose Quartz look if you are looking for something different from Marble and Jade. We love this elevated ‘nude’ nails set by @nailedbyaprill featuring a Rose Quartz design.


Smell like a rose and wear them on your nails too! We love how @curedbym drew blue roses as accent nails for this look.


An alternative to the rose design is flower blossoms like the one above by @showmea_vanity. So cute and dainty, a perfect little touch of spring!

Want to learn how to achieve some of these looks yourselves? Grab a bottle of Artist’e (ps. Artist’e is currently our complimentary gift with purchase on all orders over $75 with code ARTISTE), a fine tip nail art brush like one of our Diamond Nail Art Brush and keep watching below for the most popular (and surprisingly achievable) Artist’e nail art looks.

Snakeskin Tutorial by @yesicasnails

Blooming Rose Tutorial by @yesicasnails

Rose Quartz Tutorial by @nailexperiments

Multi-Look Tutorial by @red_iguana

Good look on your nail art journey! We can’t wait to see what looks you create using our blooming gel. We’d love to see them so make sure to tag us @bioseaweedgel or use hashtag #BSGArtiste.

Also let us know in the comments below, if you have used Artist’e before? What looks have you created or what looks would you like to try? Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on April 14th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada.

*Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Urmi.


Love the blogs, it helps give me inspo for my next diy mani at home.🥰💅🏻✨ I haven’t tried Artiste but I’d love it try it for a rose quartz and all the flower designs! 💐🌸

Angela Chandrapal April 08, 2021

I have never used the Artiste gel but i would really like to try creating a tortoise shell effect with the BSG colours that i have

Lauren Tremblay April 07, 2021

I have not tried Artiste but have tried other blooming gels. Looking forward to see how this product compares when creating marbling. So excited!

Kamden Oseen April 07, 2021

I have been using Artist’e 3 years now. I have created rose, marble, animal prints and layered nail designs with it. I would love to try smokey effect with different colors. So far it has been my favorite product for quick 5 minutes nail art. Love this product!💖

Urmi April 07, 2021

I’ve used it. My favourite of the above are the roses and the wispy effects, especially from kmnails. The wisps are something I’m now inspired to try with this! I’d encourage anyone to also try layering effects, using Artist’e to create a background for art with a more precise foreground pattern. It looks great!

Monika April 07, 2021

I have used Artist’e before! I created a geode type look and it turned out amazing! I would love to experiment more with different colors.

Kristine April 07, 2021

I have never used Artiste before but can’t wait to try one of the marble looks!

Heather Reaney April 07, 2021

I have Artiste but don’t use it enough because I never know what to create with it! Definitely will have to try out that rose quartz look!

Jennifer April 07, 2021

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