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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and regardless of our current relationship status (does a relationship with Netflix + comfy sweats count?!) it’s hard not to be in the mood for love with all the romance lingering in the air. This February 14th, celebrate the love for yourself, your friends, your fur babies or that special someone with these Valentine’s Day nail looks, fresh off our Instagram feed.

A few colours mentioned also happen to be on a special Buy 2, Get 1 Free Promotion in our Valentine’s Day Shop, but act quick as shop closes February 15th at 11AM EST.


Nails by @thenaillionaire
Using UNITY Gel Polish: 169 Valentine

Wear your heart on your sleeve nails this Valentine’s Day with a beautiful classic red shade. After all, Valentine’s Day would not be Valentine’s Day without a red nail set paired with hearts.


Nails by @ohlalanails
Using Rhinestone Gel Polish: R2 Gold Bar

However, Valentine’s Day nail doesn’t always mean hearts and pink nails. As a famous Khaleesi and Khal once said to each other You are the moon of my life… You are my sun and stars; we feel that these nails embody their everlasting love. Plus, the sparkles make everything more special.


Nails by @beesunnailsandlashes
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 1022 Another Merlot?

Wine not try a V-shape French manicure this Valentine’s Day? Cheers to love!


Nails by @aras_sparkle_nails
Using UNITY Gel Polish: 219 Pink-A-Boo

2021 and we are wearing daisies instead of picking petals off of them. We just love how dainty and cute these nails are!


Nails by
Using UNITY Gel Polish: 211 Sweet Tart and 3STEP Gel Polish: 20 Honey Bee and 14 Tangy

In the words of one of our favourite queens, these nails are “Flawless, my dear” (Queen Charlotte, Bridgerton, 2021)


Nails by @nailsbytdang
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 29 Sugar Plum

Diamonds are our best friends, but Swarovski crystals work too. Elevate your Valentine’s nail look with some jewels.


Nails by @mayleidoesnails
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 84 Hydrangea and 94 Fate

Capture that sweet feeling of butterflies filling and fluttering in your stomach with butterfly decals on your nails. We also love the two colours look, why have only one when you can have two?


Nails by @ricekittynails
Using UNITY Gel Polish: 169 Valentine, 211 Sweet Tart and 3STEP Gel Polish: 1018 Cashmere

The love for swirl nails is real, why not try a Valentine’s Day take on it and pair shades of reds and pinks with nudes? Diana (@ricekittynails) demonstrates in a video below how you can recreate this look.

No matter which nail look you are wearing this Valentine’s Day (if you are planning too) or whose love you are choosing to celebrate, we hope you set aside time to show love to yourself because you deserve it. With that said, let us know in the comments below how will you show love towards yourself this month? What look will you be wearing this month (Valentine’s Day themed or not)? We’d love to know!

Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on February 17th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter, and a resident of Canada. *Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Angela Chandrapal.



I’m going to take some time for myself and rest and try to reduce my screen time! I recently purchased BSG Hydrangea so I am currently wearing that right now :)

Gladys February 15, 2021

I’m going to take some time to just relax with a glass of wine, do my nails (soft pink for Valentine’s Day! Yay!) , while listening to a chill playlist! And maybe try and make this monthly routine :)

Christiana February 12, 2021

Red nails for sure this Valentine’s Day!! ❤️✨ I will be having a little staycation with my husband. A at home tea party for 2, getting outside for walks and lots of relaxing self care! 🥰

Angela Chandrapal February 11, 2021

I had just purchased a BSG brush for nail art so I’ll try to play around and test it out!

Shirley February 11, 2021

I am new nail tech and I love BSG. I will be wearing BSG marshmallow. I love a good French manicure so I will be using red hot for my smile line ❣️

I am going to show myself some self love by trying to exercise. That’s usually the first thing neglected for me when things get busy or I feel down. So I am going to try and show my body some love this month 💕💕

Kulveen Singh February 11, 2021

My Valentine’s Day gift to myself was 3 pretty polishes from the VDay sale. I can’t wait to get them and relax pour myself a glass of wine and have fun painting my nails!

Stephanie Astorino February 11, 2021

I’ll be loving myself by making a large cup of boba in a matcha latte! I’ll also be baking some macarons as a form of therapy. Then I’ll be ending the night writing down what I am grateful for, as well as what I can give myself credit for.
For my nails, I’m currently working on a look similar to the Gel Love Swirl. I was inspired by iluvsarahii’s nude swirl and your new tutorial came just in time!!!

Jade February 11, 2021

I’m setting aside a little bit of time for self-care everyday, and staying off screens when winding down for the night. And this month I made an impulse decision to go with classic red nails for Valentine’s! I usually choose neutrals for nails but I decided to switch it up this time and loving it!

Eileen February 11, 2021

I show myself love by making time for self care and maybe some nice dark chocolates too.
I haven’t decided which mani I will be wearing yet. Might be rose gold as it is one of my favorites or sweater weather as I’ve been itching to use it.

May February 10, 2021

I show myself love by actually taking the time to take care of myself, workout and be active. It helps me mentally when I take that time. As for showing my nails love I’m not huge on holiday themes for myself so I’ll probably play with swirly nails or dark floral nails. Not ready for spring yet. Still unable to accept clients so my nails are the only nail fun I get right now :)

Danielle February 10, 2021

I’ll be showing love to myself by taking it easy and not being so hard on myself. It’s important to remember that you have to love yourself too and it’s okay to take the time away from others. I’m definitely planning on picking up BSG Buttercup to wear this month!

Justina Szczypinski February 10, 2021

I will be sure to not overwork myself, respecting boundaries between a work and life balance. I’m loving the I burn for you colours, luckily I just got a shipment today for my light pink colours right in time for Valentine’s Day!

Mary February 10, 2021

Taking many long snowy nature hikes with the puppy! Will be wearing BSG Sugar :)

Jennifer Yu February 10, 2021

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