Colours and Nail Trends to Try This Spring

Issue No. 004

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It’s official, there’s another six weeks of winter we can look forward to (thanks a lot Willie!). Nonetheless, in our minds, Spring is still just around the corner and we are definitely looking forward to it! Why? The weather will be warmer of-course, but mostly because we cannot wait to wear Spring colours. Although we love a dark nails moment, rocking rich hues and deep tones, we are excited to start wearing lighter, brighter shades and pastels (groundbreaking, we know).

A new season does not only mean a new colour palette to wear, but also a time where we can try out some of the most popular nail trends. Whenever scrolling through our Instagram feed, we are always blown away by the sheer amount of beautiful nail art, and today we have rounded up some of our favourite looks we’d love to share with you to try. Get inspired by these looks created with our 3STEP + BeBio Vintage Garden Spring Collection!


1. MOD

Nails by @amynicnails
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 84 Hydrangea and 05 Cotton Angel
Mod nails are flooding our Instagram feed and we are not complaining! These funky shapes and mix of colours are sure to brighten your mood.


Nails by @evolution_nail_studio
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 85 Sweet Pea and 84 Hydrangea

We are on cloud nine with this dreamy nail look. They truly make us happy when skies outside are grey. The great thing about painting clouds is they can each be a little different – so perfectly imperfect.


Nails by @clawsbyjohnnie
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 86 Carnation
We couldn’t not include floral on this spring list! But for a different take, why not try floral nails but make it encapsulated. By encapsulating the flowers, it makes the flowers look more realistic, and if you cannot get into the garden just yet – why not bring the garden to you!


Nails by @kmnailstudio_
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 87 Greenhouse and 1020 Ember

Channel your inner Picasso and try an abstract nail look. Our Diamond Nail Art Brush can help you get started with that. Mixing and matching prints is a really fun way to show creativity. You can spice things up even more and make each nail different too.


Nails by @nailsbycanishiea
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 88 Lily

Add a golden touch to your minimal manicure. We love this subtle touch of gold accents that elevates the whole look.


Nails by @curedbym
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 89 Cherry Blossom and 53 Peaches
We’ve seen the coloured French, but how about an ombre coloured French this spring? You can pick out your two favourite pastels, or mix a pastel and a nude.


Nails by @insatiablenails
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 90 Hibiscus

Add a bit of glitz and glam with a bright shade and rhinestones. Who said you have to have boring nails while staying in?


Nails by @ericasbranch
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 91 Poison Ivy

Go with the flow with some wavy nails. Another trend we don’t want to ever wave goodbye to!


Nails by @naninailbar
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 98 Mirage, 1009 Snow Bare and 84 Hydrangea

Keep it swirly and say hello to the sibling to the wavy nails. This art style is more free, abstract and curvy.


 Nails by @tehrantonails.xo
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 84 Hydrangea

Spring does not always mean floral, why not try some butterfly decals? Butterflies symbolize positive change and growth, something that hopefully we will see more of in 2021. 


Nails by @ohlalanails
Using 3STEP Gel Polish: 87 Greenhouse, 05 Cotton Angel and 220 Ivy

Marble nails are here to stay and we love this take on marble using a triple colour way. A great way to achieve a marble nail look is using our Artist’e Nail Art Gel (ps. It’s also our free gift with purchase this month)

Whichever trend you decide to try this spring, don’t forget to seal in your hard work and effort with a top coat like our No-Wipe Top Gel Polish, which will keep your nails looking shiny longer and protect the layers under.

Let us know in the comments below, which trend or look will you be doing next? Do you have a favourite look at the moment?

Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on February 10th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of CanadaUpdate: Giveaway closed, winner is Gladys.


I’m definitely interested in trying the Gold Details look. Especially pairing it with a jade colouring for Chinese New Year coming up. Sooo cute!!
Right now, my look is just a simple nude colour. Really boring. It will be nice to change it up!

Anisha Chopra February 05, 2021

I’m going to try the butterfly ASAP! I’m seriously eyeing those polishes too…

Jenny February 04, 2021

My fav is definitely the butterflies, but I’d also love to give the marble a try! 😍 💅🏻 🦋✨💖

Angela Chandrapal February 04, 2021

Just recently purchased my kit after researching and let me say your instructions are so easy to follow and you really have that salon look. Will be purchasing more of your fantastic colors being I’m a earth tone person.

Yolanda Y Jason February 04, 2021

Loving the mod and abstract nails! Just so many colours that you can experiment with, and brightens up the day in this cold weather!

Gladys February 04, 2021

French ombré, cloud and marble caught my attention. The hydranga color looks beautiful and I’ve added that to my wish list. I would love to see some videos on how to achieve these looks. Thanks for sharing some new ideas! They are inspirational

Sue Mills February 03, 2021

I also love the swirly nails! I haven’t liked them too much in other sets I’ve seen, but these colours go together so well!

Ksenia Druzhinina February 03, 2021

My favourite of these may be the simple butterfly one, I’ve been wearing butterfly nails so much recently!

Ksenia Druzhinina February 03, 2021

Hibiscus is such a beautiful colour, I definitely have to try creating something with that one!

Ksenia Druzhinina February 03, 2021

Love the French ombré with the pastel and nude polish. So classic with a twist!

Pamela R February 03, 2021

I’m loving the marble and the french. It’d be cool to see tutorials on how to do it!

Karen February 03, 2021

Wow wow wow love the #220 Ivy !! Definitely just added to my cart for my weekly orders!!!

Vanessa February 03, 2021

I want to learn floral encapsulation and French ombré next! I am currently playing with inks and marble techniques 💗.

Heather Pederson February 03, 2021

I’m super into florals right now, but I also love abstract nails and anything with the swirly lines. I have Ivy coming and I want to pair it on a sheer nail with a creamy white and tan swirly lines through it

Danielle February 03, 2021

Recently bought Hibiscus, so I’m definitely going to try the “embellished” look :)

Krystal S February 03, 2021

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