Meet the BSG Family

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Meet the BSG Family

If you have been around since 2006, the beginning of Bio Seaweed Gel, you may be well aware that BSG is a proudly Canadian and family-owned business. Starting from the basement of our family home to now an office and fulfillment center fully operated by family and friends; family is an essential backbone of this business. Being a Canadian family business, we had the privilege of celebrating Family Day this past Monday and in honour of that, we wanted to take this opportunity to put a spotlight on BSG’s family of products. Some of you may be familiar with our current line of products, but a little fun BSG history fact that you may not have known: our first ever product, our first born if you will, was ‘Colour Gel in a Pot’, a non-soak off colour gel that is now discontinued.


Another fun fact: we actually did not launch colour gel polish in bottles right away! Base and top gel polish were the secondary set of products launched with Colour Gel in a Pot. We currently offer 5 different base and top gel polishes: Diamond Shine Top, No Sanding-Base, No-Wipe Top (in our original formula and an upgraded formula), and Stronger Base-1. All of our Base Gel Polish offers strengthening and smoothing to your natural nails and requires no primers, bonders or heavy sanding for application. All of our Top Gel Polish offers high shine, scratch resistance wear, with no discolouration or staining over time.

Top Selling Base and Top: Diamond Shine Top, Upgraded No-Wipe Top, Stronger Base-1


UNITY All-In-One Gel Polish is our revolutionary line of colour gel polish, that combines our No-Sanding Base, No-Wipe Top and colour gel polish in one bottle. What this means is you do not need to perform the additional steps of applying a base gel or top gel because it is already in the formula! With this self-leveling and zero shrinkage pure gel formula, you can achieve a high shine gel manicure quicker and easier. A unique feature of this gel polish is that it does not require the use of a LED/UV lamps to cure, as it boasts an innovative SolarCure technology that allows the gel to be cured using natural sunlight. UNITY is currently available in 153 colours.

Top Selling UNITY Gel: 151 Black Magic, 101 Snow White172 Toffee 


3STEP Colour Gel Polish is our first line of colour gel polish in a bottle. As the name suggests, it is a traditional three-step colour gel polish formula that requires the application of a base and top gel. This pure gel formula provides 2+ weeks of high shine and chip-free wear, while promoting natural nail growth. 3STEP is currently available in 129 colours.

Top Selling 3STEP Gel: 04 Marshmallow, 36 Sugar, 84 Hydrangea


BSG also carries two lines of specialty gel polishes, PHASES Gel Polish and Rhinestone Gel Polish which are an extension of the 3STEP Gel Polish line. They are the same formula as 3STEP however each specialty gel has a unique effect and properties. PHASES is a colour changing gel polish that changes colours when in different temperatures, allowing you to have two colour looks in one. Rhinestone is a highly pigmented colour gel polish with metallic and glitter flakes that gives you an intense sparkle look that is still smooth to the touch.

Top Selling Specialty Gel: R3 Morganite, P9 Black Pearl


Another OG product that was launched before our lines of gel polish in a bottle, is our Sculpting Gel System. Beneath every great nail look is a strong foundation, and that is exactly what our Sculpting Gel System was made to do. Available in 7 different formulas ranging from Base, Builder, to Top Sculpting Gel- this system can be used to strengthen natural nails, fortify artificial tip extensions and create sculpting gel extensions. Like our gel polishes, this gel formula is also self-leveling with an added benefit of higher flexibility (means it will not crack as easily!).

Top Selling Sculpting Gels: Clear Builder X, Clear Builder, Clear Base


Of course, we had to have in our BSG family, the mother polish of all polishes – nail lacquer! Our BeBio Nail Lacquer is a high-quality traditional nail polish that does not require the use of an LED/UV lamp to dry. BeBio provides up to 7+ days of chip-free wear and allows you to enjoy no discoloration or staining to your natural nails. Our BeBio Nail Lacquer is currently available in 137 shades, which are matching shades of our 3STEP Colour Gel Polish and select UNITY All-In One Gel Polish. We love this matching set combo for having coordinating manicure and pedicures.

Top Selling BeBio: 01 White, 36 Sugar, 12 Tea Party


Last but not least, one of our latest addition to our growing family we have the Dip Powder System. Dip Powder is an alternative soak-off system to gel and acrylic which offers the most superior strength out of all our products, 2+ weeks of chip-free colour wear, and promotes natural nail growth. This system is an air-dry product meaning it does not require the use of any LED/UV lamps to dry. Available in 124+ shades, the Dip Powder colour range is inspired by the 3STEP Gel Polishes and BeBio Nail Lacquers.

Top Selling Dip Powders: 34 Coconut, 1008 Sarah, 27 Rose Gold

Now that you’ve have a brief introduction to the core product lines of BSG, we hope that you’ve learned something new, sparked an interest in a product you’ve never had eyes on before or discover a new favourite shade! Let us know in the comments below, as a member of the #BSGSquad, what year did you start using BSG and which of our products was the first you tried? Do you have a preference of one product line over another and why?

Every comment will also double as an entry for a chance to win a $25 BSG e-Gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on February 24th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada. *Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Stephanie Astorino.


Prior to COVID lockdown, I religiously got my nails done at the salon and always loved the bioseaweed gels that they used. They always used the sculpting gel and builder gels as well as gel colours! So when lockdown came around in 2020, I knew just the brand to go to for my at home manicures. BSG has been with me every step of the way. I started with unity at home because it was quick and easy, one step formula that was fool proof for me as a newbie! I’ve recently ordered the 3 step polishes for the shade choices and hope to start experimenting with builder gels and dip powders in the near future!!

Katie February 18, 2021

Have a lot of colours and ‘parts of the BSG family’ at this point but my first purchase was 4 years ago. From the record, it looks like the first purchases were the no sanding base, no-wipe top coat, and the Déjà Vu 3STEP collection! They got initial notes. Dazed: summery soft pink (but not ‘nude’), Cyclone: nice to wear ‘plain’ for a long time (as in no base or nail art/accents) since it’s a bit flashy, Fate: mmph, needs more coats unless vnl is acceptable (well, Cyclone sure does too), Prophecy: flattering, grey; muted but gets positive comments, Enchanted: frosted ’80s’ish’ look, Fantasy: light champagne gold sparkle; flattering and gently pink, Mystical: a shimmer good for winter, Mirage: well, flattering for winter; loved, but the bottle broke :( I personally prefer the Diamond Shine topcoat, still, and like both Unity & 3STEP for easier removal than the BSG Dip, but with generally similar-enough ‘life’ on the nail (base and top with both). BSG gel polish ‘holds up’ better than some others over time too. The brush doesn’t get trashed (even where not used for application) and the material doesn’t glom to the bottom. Good to know for personal or ‘rare’ use. I see the BioSwift wasn’t mentioned, but I liked for a one-off errant/broken/shorter nail with overlay for the rest. SculptureGel is lovely. I prefer the more pigment-dense colours of either gel colour line so I can do fewer coats and use in a variety of ways.

Monika February 18, 2021

I’m new to gel nails – 2020 quarantine brought me here! I asked a friend where she buys her polish, and she told me that Unity All-in-One was the way to go. I’m loving how quick it is to apply and how long it lasts. Currently loving all the nudes you offer (I mix Winnipeg, Buttercup, and Halifax for the perfect shade). Can’t wait to try some new colours for summer! I haven’t used the 3-Step line yet, but that’s next on my list to try.

N February 18, 2021

I started using BSG around 7 years ago! I used to always go to the salon and get mani pedis done. Coconut and sugar being one of my favs. Since the pandemic I purchased the bsg beginner kit and am in love! It’s so fun creating my own nail art designs! :)

Angela Chandrapal February 18, 2021

I just started using BSG 2020 my friend showed me this brand and I’ve tried other gel polishes before. The first product I tried was the Unity line. BSG has to be my fave, so many beautiful colour selections I have been in love with so many colours and every time I order I get a bunch of colours! I have introduced this brand to 2 of my other friends and they love it as well! There are perfect shades for each season.

Emily February 18, 2021

I’ve been using BSG for a few months now. I heard about it through a friend. I have absolutely fallen in love with BSG, I’ve boughten both the 3 step and unity lines and love both. The colour selection is amazing. I have had numerous comments on my nails and have actually referred quite a few friends to your website, whom have also fallen in love. Thanks for a great product!

Shannon Hird February 18, 2021

I started doing my nails myself about 2-3 years ago after a friend told me it was really fun and easy to do gel at home. I bought my first LED lamp and polishes on amazon to see if it was something I liked. I went to the CNE that year and BSG had a booth and upon hearing good things from other shoppers I bought 4 on the spot! From that point on my collection has only grown because the quality is just that great! I recently invested in the Builder X and LOVE IT! My favourite colours right now are Peach Tea, Mother of Pearl and Iqaluit. #BSGsquad

Taryn H-P February 17, 2021

I am actually just starting my BSG journey. I purchased my first product toward the end of 2020. I bought 3 UNITY bottles, including Salt & Sand. Because I’m still new to BSG, I can’t compare anything at the moment. But I will keep you updated as I continue to expand my BSG products.

Anisha Chopra February 17, 2021

I started using BSG in 2021 and I love it so far! My first product was the no-wipe top, and Black Magic. I love the Unity line because it’s quick and there’s no need for a top / base coat!

Gladys February 17, 2021

I started using BSG when I watched a YouTube video about the unity gel. I was sold and have been using this line for just over 4 years now. The quality of the polish, colour selection, my love for phases (and the compliments I get wearing it) AND it’s a Canadian company 🇨🇦. Out of 25+ bottles of polish, only 2 aren’t BSG! Thank you for a great product and I look forward to future product developments!

Avril Arthur February 17, 2021

I started using BSG polishes in 2012 in a salon and remember Marshmallow was the most popular colour. I love using the gel polishes for nail art and I’ve built up quite a collection of my own over the years and have the colours all memorized too!

Bee February 17, 2021

I’ve started using Bio Seaweed Gel for a few years now. I started using the 3-step polish first and now use the unity polish. This polish stays on my nails for longer than any other polish. About 2 years ago I purchased the LEd machine. Using all the nail polishes and bio products makes my manicure look so professional. Looking forward to building the several colours I have already. I got artisan recently as well but have yet to use it.

Ana Quiroz February 17, 2021

I recently was recommended Bio Seaweed gel and I have started with the Unity collection and added the diamond top coat. I am super impressed as they lasted 2 weeks with only 1 small chip. I ordered more colours a few days ago and am super excited to share with my friends and family. Finally a gel polish that lasts and looks like I just came from the salon.

Linda February 17, 2021

I started using BSG almost 1 year ago and the first product I tried was BSG Dip. I fell in love!!! So easy to use, beautiful colors, long lasting. I have not ventured into the BSG Unity and the 3 Step line and love them as well. I could really use the gc as I now have an addiction and need every color LOL

Stephanie Astorino February 17, 2021

I literally just started using BSG today and already loving it!! The first product I’ve tried from BSG is the Unity gel polish in Hot Cocoa. I typically use regular nail polish because I like the thinner feeling it gives compared to gel polish, and also less steps (compared to gel where you need to apply a base coat, cure, 2 coats of colour and cure 2 times, then finally a top coat and cure). However, I hated waiting for the drying time for regular polish and how fast it chips. I decided to give BSG a try after seeing them on IG! Unity caught my attention because it is all steps in one! Which to me seems like it’d be thinner than typical gel nails because there are less layers! Received my order today and couldn’t wait to try and it did not disappoint. I can’t wait to try the other colours I’ve ordered and I look forward to owning more BSG colours in the future!

Jess February 17, 2021

I started using Bioseaweed very recently, end of 2020. I started with the unity gel polish and so far am very impressed with the quality and colors. It is my new go to for a gel polish and as I use up and need to restock my other brands I will replace them with the bioseaweed equivalent color.

Danielle February 17, 2021

I started using BSG at a salon in 2016. I remember them mentioning they had just got the polish and it was healthier for my nails. I haven’t used another brand since! First products I used was a rotation of the 3-step and unity gel polishes – 127 Hollywood, 53 Peaches and 57 Mousse! Now I have all my favourites memorized and frequently add to the collection. I just started practicing with nail art during the pandemic and I really love the Unity brand since every layer cures without a sticky residue so I can wipe and remove designs easily if I don’t like how it turns out before curing! The stronger base gel has also been a life changer since other base gels didn’t hold for very long previously. #BSGsquad

Kim C February 17, 2021

The best colours!

T February 17, 2021

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