Hello and welcome to Beyond the Paint, a blog by Bio Seaweed Gel (BSG). Every month, we will be releasing new content discussing all things BSG for this upcoming month including sneak peeks, nails and more. We finish up every issue with ‘Artist Spotlight’ a mini-interview series featured on Beyond the Paint where we share insider interviews with our favourite nail professionals and creators.


Hello 2022! Beyond the Paint Blog officially turns 1 years old this month! We cannot believe how fast time flew by (a saying itself that is as old as time). We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday, we sure did following our office break but we are now back and ready for business!

Before we get into everything new for 2022, we’d like to touch base on a few housekeeping notes from the end of last year starting with the introduction of Afterpay!


We are pleased to announce that Afterpay is now available on both our USA and Canada site! You may already be familiar with this Buy Now, Pay Later concept but for those who are not, Afterpay is a payment method that breaks up your order into four payment installments, with no interest. Click here to view more information on AfterPay in detail.

Afterpay was launched during the Boxing Day Sale which hopefully you all took advantage of! All orders placed during the sale would have received a $20 off $50 coupon card that will be valid starting this Monday January 10th.


The BSG Store The BSG Store will be temporarily closed until further notice due to COVID-19. As per the provincial restrictions and guidelines we feel this is the best choice to make to help keep our community safe. We apologize for any inconveniences and look forward to seeing you in store the future. Although we will not be able to host in store classes until further notice, we are working on online video classes! Follow us @thebsgstore for any new updates.


The BSG Squad Rewards Program is getting a few updates and changes! Starting February 7th, we will be changing the types of rewards you will be able to redeem with your points. This will be the last month you will be able to redeem your points for a dollar value discount code. Please note that you are able to redeem for any reward but do not have to claim and use the code right away. The discount code will not expire and will be saved under ‘My Rewards’ until claimed. Cha-ching! We look forward to the new rewards that will be added in next month!


One reward that will definitely be sticking around is the $5 Points for Donation reward! Points for Donation (PFD) is a reward in the BSG Squad Rewards Program that allows our customers to turn their points into a $5 charitable donation to the featured organization. In addition to the $5, BSG will also contribute an extra $1 for every PFD reward claimed. This initiative was first started during Black History Month, to aim and support organizations that empower and elevate Black Communities. With our PFD; we hope to show our support and build awareness all year round.

The current featured organization is National CARES Mentoring Movement.

The National CARES Mentoring Movement was founded in 2006 and is a community-mobilization initiative dedicated to secure, heal, uplift and transform the lives of Black children and families living in under-served communities.

For more information about CARES click here


Another great thing happening in February is our annual Lunar New Year Sale! The sale will be from 01.31.22 11AM EST – 02.02.22 11AM EST. Here is what you can look forward too:

Free shipping on all orders with code YEAROFTIGER.

Start your wish list now and check out our latest colours from The Elements Collection!


Need some new year, new nail look inspos? Why not pull inspiration from Pantone Colour of the Year: Very Peri. A colour described as being from the blue colour family but having violet, red undertones. 259 St. John’s is our most similar shade!

Pantone Colour of the Year | Ft. 259 St. John’s

Straight from Instagram we’ve been seeing of beautiful and creative nail art look but these stood out the most and often! We predict these will be all the rage in the coming months and can’t wait to everyone’s version of these looks!


Minimal Swirls | Ft. 273 Milkshake

Minimal French | Ft. 278 Jelly Bean

Charms and Jewels | Ft. 276 Taro Slush

Pearls | Ft. Builder X, 278 Jelly Bean, 01 White


The holiday season is the best time to give back! We sponsored our team of amazing Brand Ambassadors to each give away a $100 BSG e-Gift card!

Check out the official Instagram post and official hashtag #BSGSquadGiveaway for 50+ chances to win a $100 BSG e-Gift card! Enter ASAP! Contest closes January 12, 2021.


To kickstart the first Artist Spotlight of this year we’d like to introduce BA Dena (@denasnails), a talented nail artist who really came onto the nail scene and grew immensely over the course of 2021!

Could you introduce yourself to our readers / followers that may not be familiar with you 🙂

"Hi everyone, my name is Dena and I’m from Toronto, ON! Nail art started as a simple hobby for me in 2012, but slowly became my greatest passion. I’ve always loved art in general, but what specifically drew me to nail art was the uniqueness and challenge of painting on such a small canvas."

I did some deep diving on your Instagram and see that your very first nail post was nearly 10 years ago!! 8 years to be exact. Your nail art work has always been so detailed but I can see that the style definitely changed - what has your journey been like as a nail artist in the last 8 years? And in what ways do you feel like you've grown, how were you able to achieve this?

"It has definitely been an interesting and unexpected journey! In 2012, I created a separate Instagram account for fun – just to keep track of all my nail designs. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to follow my account, let alone see my posts! As an artist, I feel like I’ve become more open to exploring and creating different kinds of nail art – from simple, neutral, and classic designs to fun, bright, and intricate ones. I also think that I’ve really improved my nail prep method, which is key. In general, everything that I’ve learned about the nail industry has been from other nail artists online (and from lots of trial and error)."

Speaking of growth, your social platforms have definitely grown immensely in the last year! How has that been for you?

"It has been absolutely amazing – a dream come true! I’m so thankful for everyone who follows and supports me. Nail art is my passion and I love that I can share it with so many people across the world. The connections and friendships that I’ve built with fellow nail artists and supporters through social media have been one of a kind!"

Even from 8 years ago, you were always so creative!! Could you tell us what fuels your creativity? Where you pull inspiration from?

"It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what fuels my creativity, but what I can tell you is that I come up with most of my ideas in the middle of the night! I quickly write it down in my notes app, then go back to sleep. I also get a lot of my inspiration from other nail artists and techs that I follow on Instagram and TikTok."

Could you provide for us your favourite set you've done using BSG colours 🙂

"L-R: Powder Blue, Sweetie, Better in a Bikini, Periwinkle, Chase the Sun, Black Magic."

The end of the year is near and 2021 has definitely been an exciting ride - especially with you joining our team of Brand Ambassadors this year! We are honoured really. Do you have any upcoming projects or exciting plans that we should be on the lookout for in 2022? What other platforms can our followers/readers find you on?

"It has been an absolute pleasure and an honour to be part of the BSG team as a Brand Ambassador! I’m excited to expand my social media platforms in 2022, specifically to YouTube. You can also find me on TikTok – @denasnails!"


Last but certainly not least we want to end this month’s post with a little preview of the Spring 2022 Collection and a small giveaway to go with it! We won’t be sharing any photos just yet but you can expect the collection to release in February. Four brand new UNITY and matching BeBio Nail Lacquer shades!

Leave a comment below with your best guess of what you think this Spring 2022 Collection name will be! Here is one of our shade name’s as a hint:

“Meet Me by The Garden”

Comment closest to collection name will win a mini essentials kit composed of a Nail & Cuticle Oil, Mani Kit, Nail File & Buffer, BeBio Top and Base Coat. If there are multiple correct answers, we will place all entries into a random draw.

One winner will be contacted by email on February 4th 2022. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada. For all USA residents, to enter and leave a comment on our USA blog click here.



My guess is “Meet Me by The Garden”, since the last few collections have been named after a nail polish I’m guessing this one will also be 🤞

Jen February 03, 2022

Meet me by the garden

Annie February 03, 2022

Enchanted garden

Char January 30, 2022

Garden Path.

But now I have to say, that as a customer of BSG, I am feeling really let down by the change to the points system. I found it restrictive before in that I could not take advantage of it during a special, anyway (1 code…; though understandable), and now I am blocked from getting to the next goal to be actually able to make use of my points without added shipping charges, after a lot of patient waiting. I liked not being restricted on what I could use the points for. Now they have less value and less future purchasing incentive value to me. Only being told now, I am very disappointed. I would have made different choices with more information sooner. I could have gotten there; now I have no time. I find points sytems are intended to create good will with customers. I’ll just sigh, and sit here wondering if I am the only one feeling like this. I’m forced, now, to redeem, so I don’t lose this opportunity get a code – to choose what I want, at least, on these points; but am losing a lot of hoped potential value that was very important to me. I reflect this is better than no warning. (Though, not being constantly online, I totally could have missed this, and then would have been even more.. disappointed.)

I can reflect on being grateful that there is a nice product available in Canada. I felt some loyalty from that, but it’s not what I’m feeling now. Yes, its a business. It has a good built-up customer base. Maybe others have a different view on this points situation.

Monika January 28, 2022

Spring Escape

Sondra Lysak-Kowal January 25, 2022

Bed of Roses

Jenn January 25, 2022

Garden Party 💐⛱💅

Alexis Burbulevicius January 22, 2022

Spring Flowers

Sylvia Labelle January 22, 2022

The secret garden

Amber Jane January 22, 2022

Garden Flowers Collection✨🌸🌺🌷🌻

Julia Riccio January 21, 2022

My guess for the new collection would be “secret garden” after the movie!

Christine Doerksen January 21, 2022


Mary January 21, 2022

Spring is in the Air ☺️

Natalie January 21, 2022

Spring Romance

Vicki January 21, 2022

Secret Garden

Sheena January 21, 2022

Dare to Dream

Karen Smith January 21, 2022

Love is in the air!

Anisha January 21, 2022

Secret rendez-vous

Julie Sauvé January 21, 2022

Champagne Petals

Meaghan Tracy January 21, 2022

Stop and smell the roses🌹

Elizabeth January 21, 2022

Blossom by blossom🌻

Olivia Tassone January 21, 2022

Spring Fling

Yanyan January 21, 2022

edens escape

Kathryn Richards January 21, 2022


Amy Schriver-King January 21, 2022

Smell the Roses

Tracie Wilson January 19, 2022

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