Self-Care: Nail Edition ft. Our Favourite Nail Professionals

Issue No. 002

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In this day and age, it’s important to take a step back from all that is going on and give yourself a bit of time in the day (or week) to take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. Self-care can be something as simple as lighting your favourite candle or taking the time to make your bed in the morning, to something more extravagant like booking a spa day at a luxe hotel.

Whatever self-care looks like to you, we are here for it and on this week’s blog post we asked a few of our favorite nail techs to share some tips on how to perform nail care at home and what they like to do to practice self-care or what their nail-care routine is like.

Analuisa Franklin | Las Vegas, NV IG: @nailedaf

My best tip for nail self-care at home is: it’s essential. I love doing my own nails and being able to create designs and aesthetics that I enjoy! Make sure to clean up those cuticles, match up that perfect color and above all moisturize to keep hands looking healthy.”

“My self-care routine would definitely have to be a night time yoga session. I don’t have time during the day with my busy schedule-but at the end of it all a relaxing, calming stretch for an hour is the perfect routine before a shower and bedtime I collect my thoughts and have a moment of mental calmness for clearer thinking and a good nights sleep.”

Diana Nguyen | Los Angeles, CA
IG: @ricekittynails

“Make sure you apply cuticle oil to prevent from getting hang nails and keeping your manicure looking fresh.”

“Whenever I’m giving myself a manicure I like to listen to music and drink boba.

Jenny Bui | Bronx, NY
IG: @nailson7th

“The best tip for nail self-care is to eat foods high in nutrients or take supplements to make your nails strong and healthy. Use cuticle oil to keep your cuticles moisturized. “

“I am always working so having a personal day, I like to just lay down and relax. I exercise and stretch my body and enjoy cooking.”


Johnny Tran |
 Toronto, ON
IG: @johnny_hardrocknails

I would recommend home user when they’re doing artificial nail at home to use Bio Seaweed Gel Sculpting System because it’s easy to apply and no smell of liquid monomer. You do not need e-file for this procedure, just hand file and buffing block would do the work. Quick and easy, especially healthier nails healthier you.”

“Due to what we facing now with the social distance and all, there isn’t a better time to take care of yourself right at your own home. I would watch my favourite movies or play my music on my iTunes because I believe that music makes me feel better and it helps me to ease my stress, have my coffee or tea or even a glass of wine would help to relax and clear my mind.”

Sojin Oh | Los Angeles, CA
IG: @sojinails

“I do CBD oil rub massage with the oil I created with my friend at Spill Botanicals every other day, because my hands get so dry from all the hand sanitizers I have been using, then I use BSG base and top to have a natural clear set! I am always doing nails for other people, so the clear really helps my nails to stay clean and strong. I listen to bjork and rosalia on repeat when I do nails at home - it inspires my art A LOT. I also like to drink some orange wine while I do it!”

Vivian Xue Rahey | Sunnyvale, CA
IG: @vivxue

“My best nail tip is to keep your nails trimmed and cleaned. Invest in a manicuring kit and make it a part of your routine every week! Nicely manicured natural nails will ensure good hygiene, and even contribute to the longevity of press-on wear!”

“My personal routine for self-care (my time is very tight), is usually me taking 30 mins out of every day to do high resistance cardio! It helps so much to prevent long term back pain, and it creates a serotonin rush! I like to binge my favorite show during this time. It helps me stay energized and inspired.”

Now that you’ve heard it from the pros, put on some comfy clothes, pour yourself a glass (or two) of your favorite drink (if you are above the legal drinking age!) and get ready for a gel mani + pedi day. For those who have never done this at home before, BSG conveniently offers a Beginner Starter Kit that includes all the basic products and tools to do a gel manicure and pedicure at home. The kit includes items such as a nail buffer, nail file, PediKit that has tools for pushing back your cuticles and even a pumice bar to help remove any dead skin and calluses built up on the bottom of your feet, two of our top selling gel polish colours in UNITY and 3STEP, top and base gel polish and a mini-LED lamp to cure. 

Alternatively, BSG also offers a ManiKit and PediKit that are ideal for those who do not want to invest in a full gel manicure and pedicure kit. These mini kits contain the necessary tools for clean and polished looking nails to have yourself a mini mani + pedi day. After you are done with cleaning up your nails, you can opt for a regular manicure using our gorgeous BeBio Nail Lacquers.

Now that you have a little more knowledge and the right tools, do not forget to moisturize! BSG’s magnolia scented and vitamins enriched Nail & Cuticle Oil offers the perfect final touch to your nail care routine.

What is your best tip for nail self-care at home? Let us know in the comments below for your chance to win a $25 BSG e-gift card. One winner will be contacted by email on Tuesday January 26th 2021. Must be 18+ to enter and a resident of Canada. *Update: Giveaway closed, winner is Taryn H-P.


I use face oil (rose hip or whatever I have on hand) and massage it into my cuticles every night. I also keep a nail file in every purse in case I accidentally break a nail while I’m out and about.

Melissa O. January 24, 2021

My best at home nail care tip is to make sure you are using cuticle oil regularly and keeping your hands and nails as moisturized as possible! Wearing gloves while doing dishes or using cleaning products also helps to prevent lifting on the tips and sides!

Tori Faber January 24, 2021

My favorite nail care tips are to use bio seaweed gel cuticle oil, and make sure to buy a nail scrubber! As well! I also love the bio seaweed gel files because they are super effective yet gentle and don’t damage my natural nails when filing! I also always have their gel on my nails because it keeps them so strong! My favorite colour right now is Java, I can’t wait for them to come out with more brown shades because brown is so popular right now 😍

Faith January 24, 2021

My best tip for at home nail care is cuticle oil & light exfoliating with an AHA! When I cut my dry rough skin it grows back rougher , so using a light exfoliant like the Ordinary AHA BHA peel one every few weeks and using an oil every night has helped so much !

Lauren Tremblay January 24, 2021

Always protect your hands and nails with gloves when cleaning! 🧤 And don’t forgot an excellent moisturizer 🧴 and cuticle oil! ✨💅🏻💖

Angela Chandrapal January 24, 2021

NEVER skip removing your cuticles! Most important step in long last nails!!

Amanda January 24, 2021

I remind my clients to use their cuticle oil at least twice a day. I recommend putting it somewhere that you will see the bottle so you are more inclined to use it, and if oil isn’t your thing, use lotion instead. If you need to file them, file from the outer corners toward the center of the nail, rather than sawing back and forth, to prevent splitting and peeling of your free edge.

Becca Hoffmann January 24, 2021

Definitely to moisturize! My gel manicures last weeeeeks because I keep the cuticle and nail beds from drying and cracking.

Natasha Kelbas January 24, 2021

Cuticle oil!!! I always tell clients I personally notice a huge difference in my nails when I don’t use it and try and show them with my own hands and proof of the benefits. Everyone thinks my nails grow fast but I swear it’s the cuticle oil nourishing them that does it

Danielle January 24, 2021

My best nail self care tip is to keep changing up your colours! I always feel like a new me when I put on a fresh new shade and we all deserve to feel good!

Shelby January 21, 2021

MOISTURE, MOISTURE AND MORE MOISTURE! I always keep hand cream on me, especially now with the amount of hand washing and sanitizing I have to do. I find it helps keep both my hands and my nails in better shape. Cuticle oil at night also doesn’t hurt.

Taryn Henry-Prospere January 20, 2021

Moisturizer and cuticle oil are a must to help maintain healthy nails. I use daily and you can find them all over my house for quick access lol

Stephanie Astorino January 20, 2021

My best tip for nail self-care at home is to wear gloves while washing dishes and using cleaning solutions. Chemicals can dry out your hands causing hangnails. Some chemicals can also weaken your nail polish causing it to fade and chip faster. So, for a longer-lasting manicure, wear gloves!

Sunaina Chopra January 20, 2021

My best nail care tip is to moisturizer lots!! Especially after putting your hand under the lamp, soaking with acetone, and using sanitizers all the time!

Gladys January 20, 2021

My best self-care nail tip is to always keep my hands and nails moisturized! Especially now with all the sanitizer use and cold weather. Another great tip my mum passed on is to always wear gloves when washing dishes. It protects your hands from the hot water and also keeps your manicure fresh 💅🏻

Justina Szczypinski January 20, 2021

The best tip I have learned is to be easy on your hands & nails keep them well moisturized & never ever use your nails as tools!!!

Allyson Whittington January 20, 2021

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