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S1 Sirius

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Without Flash - Silver gray fine sparkle, buildable-sheer finish

With Flash - Silver white reflective sparkle, buildable-sheer finish

Supernova is a 2-in-1 reflective three-step gel polish formula requiring use with BSG Base and Top. Achieve an extra fine sparkle finish in natural lighting and ultra-reflective finish in flash lighting. 

Pro tips:

  • To achieve a fully opaque look, we suggest to apply a medium grey gel polish base colour and cure, before applying Supernova Reflective Gel Polish.

  • To achieve an even application, we suggest when applying to lightly pat the brush with minimal pressure vs. full stroke painting.

  • Buildable-sheer guidelines:
    1 coat = sheer finish
    2 coats = semi-sheer finish
    3+ coats = solid finish

Individual Size: 15 mL (0.50 fl.oz)



Enjoy a traditional gel polish manicure with our 3STEP Colour Gel Polish! Achieve salon-quality like nails in the comfort of your own home.

1. Prep your nails: lightly buff nails and cleanse with 70%+ alcohol to remove oils and dusts. Wait for nails to dry completely. No primers, bonders or heavy sanding required.

2. Apply a thin coat of base gel polish. 3STEP is optimized for use with our Base-1 Gel Polish or Base Sculpting Gel. Cure for 30 seconds in LED lamp or 60 seconds in UV lamp. Note: base gel will always remain tacky even after curing.

3. Apply a thin coat of 3STEP Gel Polish and do not cap the free edge. For best gel colour application always shake well before use and paint in thin layers. 

4. Cure for 60 seconds in LED lamp or 120 seconds in UV lamp. Our 3STEP Gel Polish is optimized for use with our U-Light Pro 6. For all other lamps, we recommend to double the cure time.

5. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until coverage and desired opacity is reached.

6. Apply a thin coat of top gel polish. 3STEP is optimized for use with our No-Wipe Top Gel Polish or Top Sculpting GelCure for 60 seconds in LED lamp or 120 seconds in UV lamp.

Click here for full 3STEP manicure instructions

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Love this sparkle it is beautiful! I paired it with sugar cookie dip powder 😁

Hello Lettie-May,

Thank you for leaving a review on S1 Sirius.

We are so happy to hear you love this sparkle. Good combination, we love your nails.

Did you know our Dip is still available on Clearance Sale, we have a surprise bag of 24 randomly selected Dip Powder for only $19.97:

Kelly DC
Are you sirius? In love!

I absolutely love this polish. The way it shines in the light is phenomenal. Definitely a must have in your collection.

Super Reflective!

I love this polish!! The reflectiveness changes in different lighting. Very versatile too! Can be worn alone or on top of a colour to make it pop!


You absolutely need this reflective polish! Such a dynamic base for designs, but also stunning when worn alone!!

Shine Bright Like A Diamond!

im OBSESSED with this reflective glitter! I looks amazing on it's own but it's also so versatile when layered over other colors!

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